Big Brother star Cameron is a winner

Big Brother winner Cameron Stout was one of the most popular and most unlikely contestants ever to star on the hit Channel 4 TV reality show.
Born and brought up in the island fishing community of Orkney, Cameron went to school in Norway, studied in Edinburgh and has worked in various countries overseas. In 2003, as a diversion to commercial globe-trotting, Cameron applied for Channel 4's biggest television reality show.
A committed Christian, Cameron decided to take part simply because "it looked great fun".
The most surreal moment was even before arriving in the house, said Cameron: "I was in a holding cell when someone shouted 'ten minutes to go'. My heart sank and I thought what am I doing?
"Having said that, I had a fantastic time. Normally I am quite a positive outlook person. Getting to know the other folk who were in there and having a really entertaining and interesting time since has been great and I certainly do not regret doing it.
"People who watch, view it as a show, but inside the house it is just daily life and a bit like being on holiday with your mates. You soon bond. It was like normal life but under abnormal circumstances.
"I was still there at the end of the nine weeks with Ray from Dublin, which was brilliant. I could not believe it when Davina announced it was me who had won.”
Cameron's strong Christian faith came through on the show as a natural part of his life. "I was just me and because my faith is a very significant part of my life, I think it comes across as part of my being, not an added extra you drag in in a rucksack and display to people, it is just part of my make-up," said Cameron.
His advice to anyone thinking of going on the show is simply: "Just be yourself and have as much fun as you can."
Cameron's new life did not finish once the show had ended, it opened a lot of other doors for him.
"I have been involved in all manner of stuff. I have been making documentaries, writing and presenting for the BBC and other TV channels and I have signed to do my fourth big pantomime.
"I also get to do quite a lot of school, youth and church events. Really it is quite a dream life. One of the biggest things was to be invited back to the Big Brother Africa final about five weeks after ours. Christian Aid asked if I would be interested in seeing some of their Aids projects which tied in perfectly."
Big Brother winner Cameron Stout.

Reproduced from the Network Norfolk website. Used with permission.
Carole (Guest) 27/06/2012 11:10
I haven't forgotten the delightful Cameron! I have no interest in big Brother but I was told that a Christian was participating and therefore tuned in - and became addicted for that particular series.

Cameron you were a star. A wonderful Christian man. I have no idea what prompted me to Google your name except that maybe it is the adverts for BB on television now.

I am a Christian and was very proud of you in that long ago BB.

Warm wishes to you.

Christian love,


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