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AAC Building

Elsie Normington is AAC's Development Officer.  She writes:

The Building has begun!

The building work is now underway for the new Adopt-A-Child office which should be ready by the end of March 2008.
The opening launch of the building will be over a week-end of Thanksgiving and Celebration 12th – 13th April.

We intend to have a City wide approach to promote the work of AAC and are looking for churches who would be willing to have an AAC Rep. to come along and do a short presentation at your service.


Building now opened

AAC Opening

If you would be interested to have a Rep. visit your church, please contact:

Elsie Normington
AAC Development Officer
Tel: 077 3495 8800 or

Elsie Normington, 17/04/2008

Elsie Normington 10/04/2008 14:11
"Doors open for international sponsorship organisation"

Our new Adopt-a-Child office building in Culloden is holding a Thanksgiving and Official opening week-end on Friday/Saturday 12/13 April.

We are having an Open Afternoon from 2.30pm to 4.30 pm on Saturday 12 April, to which all are welcome.

At 4.30 pm we will have a power point presentation in St Mary's Episcopal Church, in whose grounds our office stands, with the Official Opening Ceremony and prayer time at 5.00pm.

There will also be a Thanksgiving Service at 7.00 pm in St Mary's Church.

An Sunday morning AAC representatives will be speaking at churches across Inverness.
Elsie Normington (Guest) 16/04/2008 22:10
The new Adopt-A-Child Office in Culloden Centre is now open for business after a very successful lauch week-end. Many visitors came to view the new building and attended a service of thanksgiving and dedication.

On Sunday morning five teams delivered presentations in various churches across the city and several new sponsors were recruited to feed the hungry children of Gautemala and Albania.

Further information
Adopt-A-Child UK & Ireland
PO Box 5589
Paul Cocking-LWI Adopt-A-Child (Guest) 18/04/2008 10:42
It was a joy and privilege to see so many people visitng the new office at the weekend and I would like to thank friends, child sponsors, supporters and community for so doing. Although God graciously grew AACUK by over 50% even during our Portacabin exile, and allowed us to open 3 overseas AAC offices, He clearly spoke that this building marked the beginning of yet another new era for the ministry as momentum grows to get more amd more supporters throughout Europe, North America and Australasia. But it all starts with ourselves, right here...Changing the World, One Child at a Time through this evanglistic sponsorship programme. Do call Inverness 792600 if you want more info or have any questions!

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