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Kelvin CrombieCMJ Mini Conference
International researcher, author and speaker Kelvin Crombie is due to speak at a CMJ Mini Conference in Scotland about the Gentile church and the Jewish people. more ...
Christians Together
Israel GeopoliticsAn Israeli PM goes to Washington - again
If you know anyone out there on planet earth who thinks that there is a simple two-state solution for Israeli/Palestinian politics, please point them to this report. more ...
IsraelBiblical and Historical Israel
Women for Mission are hosting an open meeting for men and women looking at: Historical and Biblical Israel. Speaker is Elspeth Masson of CFI. more ...
Christians Together
Melanie PhillipsA Jew defending Christians in the UK
With the church's track record of anti-semitism through the centuries, it is not altogether usual for a Jew to write so consistently and earnestly in support of Christians. more ...
Christians Together
Ancient JewsJerusalem, the Jews and their destiny
An evocative collection of photographs by Steve Taylor - produced after his recent visit to Israel more ...
Steve Taylor