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Exploring Eschatology

You are most warmly invited to join a forthcoming 'Zoom' webinar where Bible-teacher Paul Luckraft will be speaking on the subject of the end-times.


Are we approaching the end of the age?

Many - inside and outside of the church - are asking this question. Eschatology is a big subject with a variety of views so with the above question in mind, a 6-week online series has been organised as follows:
Exploring Eschatology - 6-part Zoom Webinar


Tuesday evening, 8 September 2020
7.30pm - 9.00pm (British Summer Time


Tuesday evening, 13 October (BST)

With such an 'Everest-like' subject the aim will be to start at 'base camp' level in the Word of God.
You can see a brief interview with Bible-teacher Paul Luckraft on the video below.

If you would be interested in joining in, please do be in touch - Also please feel free to pass this information or article on to any others who might be interested.

The Editor, 13/08/2020

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