The New Blasphemies

The Scottish Government is replacing an out-dated law on blasphemy but intending replacing it with new draconian legislation. DAR speaks out.

Freedom of Speech
Interview with David Robertson

This article embeds an interview with (Rev.) David Robertson speaking on moves by the Scottish Government to replace the current blasphemy law and form new legislation with even more stringent and wide-ranging legislation.
David, and many others, believe that such moves represent an extremely serious assault on freedom of speech and religion.

As a backdrop to these developments the SNP-led administration in Holyrood in conjunction with Police Scotland published a set of 'hate crime' posters in the public domain which were seen as a cleverly-disguised attack on Christians (and others) who might have particular views.

'We [will] be guilty before God if we stand before Him on the day of judgement and said: "Well, we said nothing".'

David Robertson , Director Third Space May  2020

Footnotes and links:

1. The above video is 40 minutes long. It starts with some background 'scene-setting' material (2 mins) followed by the interview with David (30mins).

2. Following the above there is an 8-mintute extract of a very powerful address given by preacher Jonathan Stephen (at the 32 min mark) followed by some links. The Jonathan Stephen trailer can also be accessed at the article 'The Troublesome Gospel'.

3. The full 'Peter's Denial' sermon by Pastor Paul Rees can be found here.
See also articles: 'Standing firm in a Godless age' and 'Standing together: the imperative and the cost.' 

4. PRAYER POINT - John Mason and Kate Forbes are both professing Christians and MSPs in the Scottish National Party. Pray for their encouragement, witness and stance within all of this.