YMCA (Christian Youth Centre) Annual Report

The following report comes from George Maclean (YMCA Secretary)

CYC from outside 550Inverness YMCA’s Annual General Meeting was an encouraging occasion.

The first report of the evening was given by Tommie MacKay, the first full-time youth worker for Inverness YMCA, was very positive.

Far more young people were using the facilities, much more use was being made of the building, more Christians were volunteering, good contacts were being made with Christian bodies and outside agencies and there was the exciting prospect of a drop-in coffee bar.

A new presentation of the work of Inverness YMCA was also shown by Tommie MacKay.

The Treasurer, Gordon McNeill, also gave an encouraging report. Though reserves had been eaten into by the work on renewing the roof and improving the building, there had been grants from funders and an enormous leap in donations from supporters.

The President, Mr Sandy Finlay, announced that Children in Need had agreed to contribute £5,000 per annum to the support of the Youth Worker over the next three years.

Further improvements to the building were agreed and the new entrance with a disabled lift to ground floor will go out to tender. A report of the programme of funding by The Friends of Inverness YMCA was given, including a coffee morning/sale on Saturday19th May at 10.30 a.m. and a barbecue at North Kessock on Saturday 23rd June at 7 p.m.

The official elected for the current year are:
President              Sandy Finlay

Vice-President       Harry Chambers

Secretary              George MacLean

Treasurer               Gordon McNeill.


CYC office bearers 550

Photograph taken at induction of Tommie Mackay (centre-left) with YMCA President Sandy Finlay (left) and YMCA Secretary George Maclean (right).


Tommie Mackay3 500

Another picture from the gathering for the re-commissioning (of the building) and the induction of Tommie Mackay

Youngster playing pool
A youngster enjoying a game of pool at the Christian Youth Centre

CYC Secretary on his knees 550
CYC President Sandy Finlay on his knees but looking up, during the re-furbishment work


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