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Recent news reports (11 July 2008) express concerns that women are now terminating unwanted pregnancies by purchasing abortion pills over the internet.

Read here of some real-life experiences of those who have gone through the pain of abortion.

If you are in need of help, support or advice, click on the image below or call -

(National) 0800 028 2228 or (Highlands/Islands) 01463 713999
See also Inverness Crisis Pregnancy Centre
CARE Confidential

Reannon's Journey

ReannonThis is the story of Reannon's Journey. With frankness she describes the dilemma she faced when she found she was pregnant, her experience of a medical termination at 16 weeks, and how, working through the Journey programme in a group, she was able to express all she was feeling; to mourn the loss of her baby and come to a place of peace and forgiveness.

What one viewer had to say...

"Thanks for being brave enough to share your stories. This is the most helpful thing I have come across in 3 years. I feel less alone now."

Reannon's journey Part 1.

Reannon's journey Part 2.

Note: These videos contain stories from other women also.

Christians Together, 21/04/2008

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