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Who are the Nephilim?Andrea Love
Survival Kit
Length:1 hour 25 minutes
This recording is based on an article written by Andrea Love on the subject of the Nephilim. Both article and recording are offered as a 'starting point' to discuss this little-visited but very important subject.
Nephilim-1.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 273.6MB (1:25:24)
Past, Present, Future ConferenceVarious
Survival Kit
Length:1 hour 39 minutes
This online presentation was geared to looking at the spiritual, political, societal and medical history of the three (pandemic) years of 2020 - 2023; and also speaking about the direction of travel into the future. The speakers were Lewis Houston, 'Aggy' Efthimiou, Colin Wilson and Graham Bridger.
Past Present Future Conference.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 469.8MB (1:39:31)
Testimony of a changed life.mp4Colin Murray
Reaching Out
Length:50 minutes
Colin Murray belongs to the North-east coastal area of Scotland. He is giving his testimony during the course of a Sunday morning gathering of believers.
Colin Murray Testimony.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 168.3MB (50:13)
Our Children - Education of IndoctrinationVarious
Christians and Politics
Length:2 hours 28 minutes
This is the video of a conference entitled: Our Children - Education or Indoctrination. The conference had input from a number of very interesting speakers coming from a wide variety of backgrounds; but all dealing with the subject of what our children are being taught in state schools regarding gender and relationships. The aim of the conference was to inform and help parents in the vital role of raising children in line with traditional values, whilst protecting them from harmful influences.
Our Children - Education of Indoctrination.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 370.6MB (2:28:50)
Conference ProgrammeOpen Download PDF Document 232.5KB
Scottish tour by church pastorArthur O'Malley
Christians and Politics
Length:4 minutes
Pastor O'Malley has felt called to traverse Scotland with a call back to God during the month of March 2023 at a time of significant change of leadership in Scottish politics. His aim is to preach in the public places in Scotland's eight cities.
Arthur's Tour-1.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 64.3MB (04:16)
Deception in the ChurchKeith Malcomson
Christian Life
Length:1 hour 17 minutes
Keith Malcomson is pastor of Limerick City Church. He is speaking under the title: 'Enemies of the Cross: A Defence of Christ's Penal Substitution'
Keith Malcomson on Deception.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 572.8MB (1:17:58)
Revelation TV Digital Currency Trailer.mp4Graham Bridger
Survival Kit
Length:3 minutes
Financial analyst Graham Bridger of Illusion2Reality speaking to Revelation TV on the intentions to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies and the impact this will have on everyone.
Revelation TV Digital Currency TrailerWatch Download MP4 Video 7.2MB (03:02)
Weaponised of the Anti-Vax epithet.mp4Dr. Aseem Malhotra
Survival Kit
Length:9 minutes
Dr. Malhotra is 2x 'vaccinated' cardiologist who started to research the mRNA inoculations after his otherwise-healthy father died following the treatment.
Weaponised of the Anti-Vax epithet by Aseem Malhotra 20230214.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 54.5MB (09:38)
ScannedNicholas Corbishley
Survival Kit
Length:2 minutes
A clip of Nicholas Corbishley, the author of 'Scanned' speaking on the advent and dangers of Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies.
Nicholas Corbishley.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 13.0MB (02:37)
Mass FormationMattias Desmet
Survival Kit
Length:6 minutes
A psychologist speaks on the way in which totalitarian systems shape public beliefs and behaviour; and on how these features have been applied during the Covid 'pandemic'.
Mattias Desmet On Mass Formation.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 46.9MB (06:54)
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