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This is an area of the Christians Together web site for those active in the political and public policy domain. Some message threads will only be open to registered (and logged-on) members of Christians Together only.
Did the cock crow that morning?
In the tarnished arena of politics the dilemma for the Christian is how to bring Christian influence to the world without becoming polluted by the world. More ...
The Fifth Column and Feeding the Crocodile
Since 9/11 we have seen attack after attack being waged against civilisations and countries by those who shelter within them. The policies adopted to deal with these acts of violence are not working. More ...
A View from Here
The EU - the nature of the beast?
The European Union can be analysed and debated from a variety of different perspectives - political, historical, cultural, economic. But it is only from a spiritual perspective that it can be truly understood. More ...
The EU; a history of our future
EU architect would welcome God or the Devil.
When the lights go out in Europe
The Next Phase of European Power Politics
An Empire Strikes Back; Germany and Greece Crisis
Europe: When the Unthinkable Becomes Possible
British Elections and the State of Europe
Thy Will be done on Earth...
Democracy under serious threat
The Origins and Implications of the Scottish Referendum
A nation and nations divided
Where Catholicism, Islam and Orthodoxy meet
The Middle East and Christian Politics
Christians and Politics: an analysis
Pro-Children Pro-Marriage campaign attacked
Christians and Politics; a debate
MSP states his position on same-sex marriage
MSP says 'faith isn't a private thing'
SCP - Spring 2013 Conference
Turkey's Geographic Challenge
Christian Freedoms in the UK?
European Court to decide on Christian 'Freedoms'
Syria: a fight to the death?
Only one week left to respond to prostitution consultation.
UK Government to allow same-sex marriage in churches
Cardinal O'Brien continues same-sex opposition
Christians and Politics
Sturgeon faces protesters while Salmond slips in side door
Cardinal states Marriage should be Sustained not Subverted
Is Greece European?
Christian Party Mayor elected in Wales
Nationalist MSP breaks ranks with his party
Towards a theology of politics
Scotland for Marriage say it's not over yet.
Dear Mr. Salmond
Revolution or Revival
Scotland for marriage: a meeting report
Standing up for marriage
The Death of Democracy
Rising tide of 'militant secularisation' in Britain
From a sovereign about The Sovereign
A resurgent spirit on mainland Europe?
Fife fellowship writes to Presiding Officer
'Scotland for Marriage' Rally at Holyrood
Lewis churches input to same-sex consultation
Christian Party speaks on same-sex marriage
Highland MSP affirms value of the Bible
Protesting Christianity
SNP millionaire-supporters against same-sex plans
Ruth Davidson to lead Scottish Conservatives
President Salmond of Scotland?
Bishop writes on same-sex consultation
Catholics and the Free Church standing together
Churches' responses to same-sex consultation
John Mason MSP on civil partnerships debate
Serving two masters
Alex Salmond being boxed in by God?
PM believes Christianity and politics mix
Top Judge calls for review of Family Law
Scottish electorate rush to nationalist party
Lib/Lab advocate 'gay marriage' in churches
Hustings meeting: questions to candidates
CARE calls for church-based hustings
Churches unite around forthcoming election
Blair and Warren: a deadly duo for peace
Wilberforce Academy: a great opportunityThis article has associated audio
Beware the threat to Freedom of Speech
Christian Institute speaking in the Highlands
Media Group fight for Christian Freedoms
Scottish Christian Party: Questions and Answers
Should Christians be involved in politics?
Plans to abolish the Act of Settlement
Dutch Freedom Party shock outcome
Christian candidates draw the votes
Beyond the Election
A Snapshot of Scotland at Election Time
Local GP stands as SCP candidate in 2010
Assisted suicide and euthanasia: are you concerned?
Election 2010: Hustings meeting in Moray
Election 2010: Hustings meeting in Inverness
General Election 2010 Resources
Launch of Declaration of Christian Conscience
Awake, Arise O Church Conference
Banking: the future is Halal
Fight to save Beechwood House from closure
Seduced by prospects of political power?
Do Faith and Politics mix?
General Election 2010
Victory in Lords over Equality Bill
General Election alert: making the Cross count!
Art Teacher writes to Lord Waddington
It's simply the arithmetic!
The minarets won't come to the mountains
Preacher says: 'No, Mr. President'.
The Lisbon Treaty: whose plan?
Forced Prostitution Vote: November 3 or 5
New EU legislation threat to Christian liberty
Who is God's choice to stand in the gap?
Churches to be forced to employ gays
An Israeli PM goes to Washington - again
Church and State; who's boss?  
The need for a New World Order
Christians and Politics; one young preacher's views
Highland pastor's wife to stand in By-election
'Curfews' in the Highlands to tackle rising crime
Car repair cost could rocket if the EU has its way
Anarchists, humanists and religionists united
Calls for a new global currency
Scottish Christian politics: is the party over?
Write to your elected representative
Rick Warren's prayer at Obama's inauguration
Strathclyde fireman wins 'landmark' case
Euro Parliament calls for abortion and gay marriage
Warren to pray at Obama inauguration
MSPs say keep oral sex unlawful for under-16s
The cost of naked greed
Word from the Lord was rare in those days
American election - the most important letter..
The CARE Leadership Programme
Ian Paisley calls for repentance over crash
SCP Highland Annual Conference 2008
Where is our faith?
Christians seen as 'tainted' says Archbishop
Who is Sarah Palin?
Big brother could be standing next to you
Parliamentary Prayer Update 4 June 2008
Embryos Bill - a sad result
Parliamentary Prayer Update 21 May 2008
Rob Parsons to speak at Time for Reflection
Story of last night's free speech victory
BBC and ITV taken to court by Christian candidate
Prayer support and Bibles for Councillors
Survey by 3rd-year HTC Student
Loyalist march phone calls to councillors probe
CARE under fire
Thumbing our noses at God
Sharia Law's need for supremacy
Statement on the Archbishop's 'Sharia' views
A 2008 update from Parliamentary Prayer team
Tony Blair - a man to watch
He who pays the piper..
SCP Inverness monthly meetings
Wording of gay speech crime
Abortion, euthanasia and the SCP
Ex magistrate begins appeal
A litany of offensive legislation
In one hour....
SOR Northern Ireland update
Building relationships with politicians
SCP - Highland Annual Conference 2007
Threats to freedom to witness
Kirking of the Council put on ice
Concern over 'Public Benefit' testThis article has associated audio
Election results in the Highlands and Islands
Post-election observations, thoughts and feelings
Scottish Christian Party