Prayer requests from the Scottish Christian Party
Donald Boyd is the Campaign Manager for the Highlands and Islands constituency of the Scottish Christian party. He asks for prayer as follows -

* That we can get across to as many Christians as possible, by email, websites and media, that using the Regional vote should get a Christian Voice in Holyrood. We can no longer speak of the Second Vote; indeed, on his posters, George has put First Vote which may be even more confusing.

* That the Lord will help us to find a way through the confusion which is being caused by
Changing the ballot papers. It will be the responsibility of the Electoral Commission to publicise this; so pray that we can find a way to capitalize on it.
Changing from ‘second vote’ to Regional vote (and physically, it will be on the left hand side of the ballot paper and so it will be the first one)
The CPA standing against us, although they may not be prominent in the Highlands. George does not want us to mention them more than we have to; don’t give them the ‘oxygen of publicity’; so we must simply stick to Put your Cross by The Cross. When they are mentioned, use the example of a Muslim standing against George in Glasgow.

* That people will come forward to offer free hospitality for B&B throughout the Region for the campaigning teams.

* That our emailing cascade of The Christian Voice in Holyrood will move people to want to set up groups for action in their own localities.

Looking to the Lord to break up the way before us,

Dr Donald Boyd
Highlands and Islands Campaign Manager
Scottish Christian Party
Rosedene Business Centre
2 Drummond Crescent

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