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Miracle or Monster
An ecclesiastical super-tanker has just been launched.

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The World Alliance of Reformed Churches agreed Monday to unite with the Reformed Ecumenical Council to create a new global Reformed body representing more than 80 million Reformed Christians worldwide.

Leaders made the historic decision while attending the WARC’s executive committee meeting in Trinidad and Tobago after two days of in-depth discussions on the many aspects of the proposed merger.

“This is truly, truly [an] important moment,” said WARC president Clifton Kirkpatrick after the vote was taken, according to a WARC report. The global church head invited participants of the meeting to join together in singing the doxology after the vote.

His counterpart, REC president Douwe Visser, also recognized the significance of the time saying it was a “great moment.”

“I hope we can combine the efforts of these two organizations and have an even broader outreach than WARC and REC have at the moment,” Visser said.

“I have a feeling this new body will be the voice of the Reformed world,” he added.

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When the Emperor Constantine was 'converted' some Christians shouted with glee; others fled to the hills believing that they were seeing the apostate church emerge. There may be some who would see this as empire-building than Kingdom building. When churches are strong they forget about God.
Editor 19/05/2009 18:34