Report from Pray for Scotland team

A report from the Pray for Scotland team relating to the start of the 50-day prayer walk from the top to the bottom of Scotland.

JarlshofWe have had a wonderful launch on Saxa Vord in Unst, Shetland. The weather was atrocious! With gales, snow, hail, rain – in fact, every season except the sun. In spite of this, we were privileged to have at least 30 people standing with us on the top of this hill at 6:00a.m. on today, Easter Sunday!

We started out with a time of silence, waiting before God so that Connecting Scotland was launched from a place of His presence. And indeed, there was a real sense of the manifest presence of God this morning. We proceeded in this weather to a double baptism in the sea – this was an INCREDIBLE experience. One of those being baptised was a lady in her 70s. And she walked into that water without flinching. Wow!

We then went to the most northerly church in Scotland (and all of Britain) and had an amazing time worshipping and praising the Lord with many of the people gathered dancing round the most beautiful altar of fresh daffodils and flowers that had been arranged as though the whole church were there, in the garden with our Saviour.

All this took place before 9 o’clock in the morning! After breakfast we divided into two teams: one team went by ferry to Fetlar and had many anointed experiences, including opportunity to share in communion fellowship with an order of nuns from the Anglican church. The grace and peace of God flowed from these beautiful ladies. The head sister had such a twinkle in her eyes, they ministered to all of us. (And we were there to minister to them!)

Bert had the joy of leading a liturgy in a Church of Scotland that normally has a congregation of – two (a lovely gentleman and his wife who keep this isolated church open…). This liturgy had never been performed to a larger congregation before, and what a special experience.

Just before the evening rally Bert’s team also prayed for a lady who, up until two ago, was fit and healthy. Now completely paralysed, she was able only to acknowledge Bert and Ann through tears, as they told her how special she was in Christ and the tears flowed freely. Please, remember Eileen in your prayers.

In the same manner, on Yell, Jean Black and other half of the team ministered to a blind and deaf widow of 92, who just last year lost her husband of 60 years of marriage. The team also visited multiple Yell churches, praying for God’s love … and a pouring out of His Spirit. Throughout, the gales never lifted!

And also throughout, the reoccurring message is that this would be a cry of God’s love ministering down through the nation. Over and over again the people we have met have spoken forth that this is the time for God’s love to be poured out, ministering to and enveloping the nation.

We cannot wait to see what else God will do!

The day ended with the first rally! Held in Mid Yell in a recreation centre, there were over 50 people gathered and the rally consisted of praise, prayer and proclamation – and a real freedom and openness to minister. So typical of what is being experienced, the team had such meaningful conversations with people at the end.

Whether in the Outer Skerries of Scotland or what might seem like a remote territory on Unst, Yell or Fetlar, we are finding such warmth and people of such a generous spirit, and we are finding – God is there.

Tomorrow we go to mainland Shetland, one team in the north and one in the south.
Again, thank you for your continued prayers.

Connecting Scotland, 14/04/2007

Ashley Havens (Guest) 20/07/2012 07:21
When was this held? It sounds wonderful and what are the plans going forward?

Greetings in the Lord from the beautiful area of Scotland known as the "Howe of the Mearns", home of Lewis Grassic Gibbon, in South Aberdeenshire/North Angus.
Editor 20/07/2012 08:52
Hello Ashley. As you can (now) see the report dates back to 2007. Regarding further plans I would need to put you in touch with folk up in Shetland. I can give you contact details if you e-mail me.

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