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Concerns have been expressed by district councillors about a march through city streets scheduled for Saturday 14 April. And it seems that the elected officials had never been consulted about the proposal.

The decision to give permission for the march to take place was taken by the council's Inverness area managers in consultation with the Northern Constabularty; but reportedly without the knowledge of some, if not all, the city councillors.


See report from the Press and Journal: ANGER AT  SILENCE  ON  MARCH  BY  LOYALISTS

and the Inverness Courier's account of the story.


Rev. Dr. Malcolm Macinnes of the Inverness Associated Presbyterian Church stated: 

"If the march had been given permission by elected councillors through the normal democratic channels, then I would accept that.

If however the consultative process has been bypassed then I would be concerned - on this or any other occasion."

Pastor Samuel McKibben is the Superintendent of the Highland Network of Christian Fellowships: he has many years experience of working with Christian groupings throughout the whole area.

"From having grown up in Glasgow, I am well aware of the problems arising out of sectarianism.

As a Christian Leader it gives me no pleasure to hear of the first Apprentice Boys march in Inverness. It is sad that memories of the tensions and trouble that took place so long ago are being continually revived for no profit to society.
The BBC reported that 'these marches have proved controversial and have lead to protests”. On one occasion those protests cost the tax payers some £5 million.'
The Christian message is in no way connected to such demonstrations which emphasise division and most often give rise to strife."

To view a video clip af a recent march at Londonderry <click here>



Update Monday 16/04/07 (source Press and Journal)




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