X-Stream - the way forward?

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Iain Clyne writes on behalf of the X-Stream grouping


Dear friend,

Please take a few minutes to ponder this document.......

The future of X-Stream… some possibilities… some thinking

As you well know, we have put X-Stream into hibernation for a while. We sensed that things needed to change. Certainly behind the scenes, the model that had run from 1997 was getting stale. In the middle of the 2005-6 season we almost came to the point of moving to a straight forward closure, but God showed us otherwise through about six people speaking to us independently at the subsequent X- Stream event.

Hence, during the first half of 2006 we met with a number of local Inverness youth leaders to seek the way forward. Within that group, we chatted to Jonathan Keenan, leader of ROOTS, and that clarified some of our thinking. ROOTS would focus on discipleship; whatever emerged from X-Stream would be focussed on outreach, and especially outreach to those young people off the church radar.

Later one leader came to us with a burden of possibly using an Alpha group/content format evangelistically, meeting locally in small groups at times and in locations suitable to each group. She has tried, within the context of her own church, to run a group on a Sunday morning. Frustration ensued. The young people she really wanted to reach were usually indisposed at that time! Yet church thinking was frozen into that timing.

With discussion off the back of this experience, we spent some time chatting through the possibility of encouraging similar outreach groups (some may already be operating) in locations right across the Highlands & Islands. X-Stream … or whatever follows … could function in the role of bringing these groups together maybe four times a year for a larger 'happening' as a series of focal points in the life of each local outreach group.
The form of this new ‘thing’ would be very much ‘up for grabs’, eg, why does it have to be presentational? How about social action or some other participatory project. Does it have to run in a church? Could it run over a whole day or a week-end?

It has to be repeated though that these happenings will not be focussing on discipleship. They will not be catering for the standard church youth group (whatever that is!). The emphasis will be very much on support for the local Alpha/outreach/youthclubs/etc groups.

A small number of leaders met in late February in Inverness and wish to take this concept forward by widening the discussion to as many youth leaders as possible. As a result we are suggesting that we meet together for an open discussion… (that can easily start over emails etc., before then if you wish…… your move!) to seek God’s will in all of this. You could also post some comments on the following blog.....

Dates... and here are a number.... how about one of the following Saturday afternoons, March31st, April 14th or April 21st? Saturday afternoon would allow folk from right across the Highlands & Islands to attend. Location would be Culduthel Christian Centre. If we meet at say 1300, we can have lunch together in the church cafe.

Would you like to be there? If so, could you tell us of your availability across these dates.

We would love to hear your take on this thinking. On the other hand, if you cannot manage, please ask one of your co-workers along. In fact, if they feel they would like to contribute to this discussion, bring then along anyway!

The mailing list is just a start as well... please spread the word around!

In seeking God’s will together.

Izi Prall, Lin Crossley, Dave Saunders, Iain Clyne, Tommy MacKay, Ross McLennan, Danny Muschate


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