A Statement from Issachar Ministries

In the light of continuing concern regarding the Covid-19 'vaccine' programme being adopted by governments, Issachar Ministries has spelled out its view.

IM StatementIssachar Ministries is the grouping which publishes the online Prophecy Today. In order to clarify the IM position on the question of the Covid-19 crisis, the fear generated and the 'vaccine' programme, a statement/article has recently been published.
The document calls believers to "pray for those who continue to suffer as a result of Covid-19 or the vaccine injuries, and especially
those who are struggling with a sense of having been deceived". On the issue of trust it also states:
"We believe the conventional relationship of trust and respect between government and the people has been sacrificed to a campaign which has elevated compliance over conscience, silenced debate, and, by the use of behavioural science and ‘nudge theory’, used fear as a tool to achieve its objectives".

The document highlights the fact that Jesus warned of increased deception in the last days and also includes a number of very helpful references for advice and further study.

The Editor, 24/11/2022

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