What your country can do to you.

Read and listen to one Canadian mother's testimony of what her government has done to her.

Tamara LichBecause of the censorship, bias and selective reporting being exercised by the mainstream media many will know nothing about the stand which Canadian truck drivers took in January/February as a protest against 'vaccine mandates' for crossing the Canadian/US border.

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich, a mother and grandmother from Medicine Hat in southeast Alberta, explains in this article why she got involved in the protest movement during her 3. Nov. 2022 testimony at the public inquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act to end convoy protests. The act was invoked on 14 Feb. 2022 and revoked 9 days later.

The video below illustrates the impact on her and her family. She tearfully tells of how the actions of the Canadian government have resulted in her losing her job, her freedom of speech and the ability to communicate with her friends.   She says: "I have to be very careful of every move that I make". Her daughter woke up one day to read an article stating that Tamara had hung herself in jail.

If this can happen in Canada, it can happen anywhere.


Thankfully one brave Canadian politician has spoken out against the global tyranny being imposed by the WEF et al. Alberta's new Premier Danielle Smith has vowed to cut all ties between the province's health authority and the globalist organisation.

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