The Great Last Days Money Deception

An online meeting showing Graham Bridger speaking to Revelation TV followed by a live discussion with Graham and other panelists.  

Article update (Dec 2022): Although this meeting was not recorded, it is hoped to record and publish a conversation with Graham in the very near future

Graham on Revelation TV
The Great Last Days Money Deception
An online meeting
Thursday, 27 Oct. 2022
7.30pm (London Time)

Graham Bridger was recently interviewed on Revelation TV concerning the massive instability of our present money systems. He spoke of the indicators which suggest that the Fiat Money systems which we are dependent on are on the verge of a total collapse. But when could this happen? What will replace it? How will it impact our lives? And what are the spiritual dynamics?

An online Zoom meeting is now schedule where those attending can watch a recording of the earlier interview and then have an open discussion with Graham and others on the implications of what we are now seeing developing in our world.

Note: The link to the online meeting will be sent out on the morning of the meeting to registered members of this website.

Graham Bridger Graham Bridger spent his working life in the world of finance. He was previously CEO of a financial services company. He is the author of  three books: The Global Debt 'Time Bomb'. The Great Last Days Money Deception and the most recent Converging Signs and Rejection of Truth.
Graham lives north-east of London. He was one of the three main speakers at an online 'Navigating the Pandemic Fog' conference in 2021 and has been part of the organising group since the Autumn of 2020. The team meet every week to track, discuss and pray about all the changes and threats we are seeing in our world from a biblical perspective.
Editor 02/11/2022 15:01
The above event included a 'online viewing' of Graham's interview with Revelation TV. This recording has now been enhanced and can be viewed at the link below. While the recording of the Zoom event discussion will not be published it is hoped to record a discussion with Graham very soon where he will address the questions raised and observations made during the Zoom meeting. All site members will be informed when a recording of the discussion becomes available.

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Meanwhile the video of the 'Revelation TV' interview can be seen here -

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