Spike Protein Detox Guide

A very useful set of information for healthy living whether or not the person has taken the Covid jab(s).

DetoxOver the years there has been significant growth in what is often termed 'Alternative Medicine'. I studied much of that back in  the 90s as an antidote to New Age practices and aware that Christians were getting involved in highly-dangerous spiritual and psuedo-medical fads and eastern religious rituals. The common view that "if it's 'natural' it's got to be good' was a seriously-flawed and potentially-deadly mindset.
In this context it was hardly surprising that during that period the traditional medical establishment generally poured scorn on (alternative and herbal) medical interventions and remedies that lay outwith (and challenged) the standard 'pill or surgery' responses to health issues. Elitism and professional jealousy might also have been in play.

However since then, more and more doctors and informed members of the public are now looking to natural and holistic remedies. Dr. Tess Laurie is one of these doctors and Dr. Lucie Wilk is another. (Both of these doctors have spoken out against the Covid injections.)

Whether or not the reader of this article has taken one or more of the Covid jabs, the World Council for Health guide provides very helpful information; not only in terms of how the experimental gene-therapies work but, as importantly, much advice on how we can keep ourselves health using non-prescription remedies and over-the-counter supplements.

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The Editor, 13/05/2022

Editor 13/05/2022 17:01
Those who have been injured by the vaccines may wish to read the following - https://dailysceptic.org/2022/05/12/mp-calls-on-the-government-to-properly-compensate-the-vaccine-injured/

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