The Reshaping of the Future

The first of a series of subsequent online events following on from the Navigating the Pandemic Fog Zoom conference in March 2021.

Reshaping the Future
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Speaker: Graham Bridger

The Western church is indeed falling under mass deception and seems paralysed to know how it should progress in such unprecedented times. With more laws being introduced that reject the truth of the Christian gospel, the church now stands at the crossroads of history and must decide whether or not the prophecies in the Bible provide the truth about the pathway that lies ahead.
In the Bible, Jesus warned that converging events would increase in number and intensity before he returns. As worldwide confusion continues to increase following the Corona pandemic and the Climate Change agenda, Graham will examine how we are being drawn by elitists ever closer towards what they call the fusion of man and machine using implantable technologies that will change everything we understand about humanity and money.


Event details and Registration

The above event has been organised by the team which hosted the Navigating the Pandemic Fog conference in March 2020 to try and understand the dynamic and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This conference attracted attendees from six continents and 'The Reshaping of the Future' is being made available to all members of the Christians Together website.
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The programme for the day is as follows: -

Saturday, 11 December, 2021 commencing 9.30am

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  • 9.30am - Introduction by Colin Wilson 
  • 9.40am - The Reshaping of the Future Part 1
  • 10.20am - Break
  • 10.30am - The Reshaping of the Future Part 2
  • 11.20am - Break
  • 11.25am - Q&A
  • 11.50am - Prayer
  • 12.00 midday - END

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Graham BridgerGraham Bridger is a published author and was one of the main speakers at the Navigating the Pandemic Fog conference.

Graham's bookFollowing the Global Debt crisis of 2008 and a long career in banking and as a UK financial investment advisor and company director of his own business, Graham witnessed the developing turmoil in economic, political, technological, and ecological world events.

This brought an acute awareness of the unprecedented nature of what was taking place and a reminder of the original dreams that set him on a pathway of research into the causes of the disruption, alongside the study of biblical prophecy.

Graham's website is Illusion2Reality. Additionally he has a video hosting I2R Odysee website with a comprehensive store of video material.


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