Ethics professor dismissed for refusing vaccine

A personal lesson in courage and integrity by Professor Julie Ponesse who has been sacked after years of loyal service by her college in Canada.

Julie Ponesse
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The situation developing in Western countries is deeply concerning as more and more employers are threatening their staff with the loss of their jobs if they do not take the Covid-19 - emergency use - potentially seriously damaging - no long-term data - never before used in human beings, injections.

Never again would any infringement of the human body be carried out without an individual’s full and informed consent
Most people seem blissfully unaware of the laws (the Nuremberg Code) introduced at the end of the Second World War, after it was discovered that inhuman medical experiments had been carried out on so many people by doctors during the Nazi reign. Following this atrocious behaviour it was thereafter universally agreed that never again would any infringement of the human body be carried out without an individual’s full and informed consent first being given - freely and without any form of coercion.

As far as these Covid 'vaccines' are concerned, such consent would include being given full details about the now-millions of serious adverse effects and the combined total (at time of writing) of 36,000 deaths reported to the European Medicines Agency, the United States ‘VAERS’ recording system and the UK's  ‘Yellow Card’ equivalent.

However it seems that in most cases this information is not being given because that would require the ‘vaccinators’ to have a full understanding of each individual's medical history as well as an understanding of the latest General Medical Council (Nov 2020) guidelines.
The details required before injecting someone with a substance which has no long-term data and which so far has more deaths registered than all vaccines put together over the last thirty one years could, it seems, only be discussed with the person’s GP. And even then the individual could then refuse the injection.

To coerce any individual to be vaccinated is a moral and ethical disgrace and think about it - only a couple of years ago before this all started - anyone would have contacted their own doctors to discuss their private medical conditions first and report any coercion as the General Medical Council.
In the process of making life-changing decisions,this experience of this brave professor gives us a personal and extremely costly case study based on the teaching of 'ethics' which she delivered to her students.

It is truly quite staggering to see how so many in positions of authority are failing to lead the way in teaching truth from lies; right from wrong; and upholding the real ethical values in relation to this insidious and coercive invasion of human rights and personal dignity.

This is surely a time when church leaders could and should bring biblical and ethical teaching to all concerned; and in addition teaching their flocks in an understanding of the signs of the times which are rapidly evolving and converging all around us.
Footnote: See Graham Bridger's 'Illusion2Reality' website

Graham Bridger, 10/09/2021

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