Thank you for your encouragements

The organising team for the Navigating the Pandemic Fog would like to thank you for your encouragements and kind comments.

Confence bannerThe organising team for the above conference are grateful for your feedback which has been coming in following the above conference.

Following the event if their is any response(s) you would like to make - including any questions or suggestions regarding the organisation and presentation(s) - you are invited to leave your comments in the response facility at the foot of this page.

NEWS UPDATE: The video of the conference is now available to registered site members.

We do hope that you found the event helpful and any thoughts you have on the conference and on the topics covered  would be appreciated.

The Great Reset thumbnailMeanwhile you are invited to have a look at the 'pictogram/mindmap' which was drawn up some months ago by one of the team to try and capture the multifarious facets of and interconnections between the many components of the whole situation in which we find ourselves: a situation which is as fast-moving as it is complex the of vital importance. The document might be a help to you to fit some of the pieces together and as a pointer or aid to your own research.

The limited time at the conference prevented a 'deep dive' into any of the subjects and these all need to be further examined through the prism of God's Word.

Trusting that you will experience the Lord's encouragement, strength and wisdom as we continue to chart a path into what lies ahead.

Anyone wishing to (re)visit the page of questions submitted prior to the conference can do so by clicking here.

In His Shalom

Note: While the registration period closed on Thursday 4, every effort was made to accommodate applications right up to the morning of the conference: unfortunately some came in just too late.

The Organising Team, 06/03/2021

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Editor 08/03/2021 11:37
From Barbara
I thought the conference was really very well managed and everything worked well, even the speakers keeping to their allotted time.
Editor 08/03/2021 11:39
From Kay
what an invaluable few hours that was. After the conference I took my dog out and was walking across the field thanking the Lord for the privilege of attending. It was evident that a lot of work went into every aspect - the organisation/arrangements, your gracious hosting, opening prayer, Aggy's Biblical intro/overview, every speaker's content and the wonderful prayer at the end. It was rich and edifying time. Thank you all so much.
Joan Haines 08/03/2021 11:40
Thank you for a well put together conference. So much to digest and pray through. Need to do more research on the many issues raised before I am ready to share!
Editor 08/03/2021 11:43
From Harriet
I particularly noted the carefulness with which this conference was set up - it felt shielding and exercised guardianship and safety. Ever so well run. Thank you to you all for the prayer and insight you exercised, and for the 3 main topics. I had met most of it before now but so glad to find that with selection and compression a lot could be conveyed.
The warning and description from Graham Bridger went some way towards underscoring the pains and losses which are lying in wait at the hands of WEF.
Sent me back into 2 Corinthians 4. I really thank you all. First class.

Editor 08/03/2021 11:43
From Edith
My thanks to you and all the team for relating the days we are in to the Biblical timeline.
So glad to hear the Aaronic blessing at the end.

Editor 08/03/2021 11:44
From Heather
Thank you so much for the conference . It was so wonderfully put together . It felt very balanced and calm somehow and very helpful to feel joined together to so many kindred spirits across the world.
Do hope there are more to come . A few threads to expand on !

Editor 08/03/2021 11:45
From Ernie
I simply want to say thank you for such an informative forum. I passed on some of the notes I took to some friends for which they were very appreciative.

Greta Rimmer 08/03/2021 13:56
I thank you all very much for an excellent Conference. I was very much looking forward to the day and was certainly not disappointed. All the speakers were clear in their expertise of their subjects and have learned much. May God bless you all, and hopefully will be able to meet up again in future conferences.
Chris Jeffreys 08/03/2021 14:29
Just to add my grateful thanks for the conference. I was able to make lots of notes which I will share with friends who share the same understanding and concerns as I do. It's such a blessing to know that our Lord has His people to whom He has revealed these things, I pray that He will prepare us for what lies ahead as we look to Him. God bless you.
Heather 08/03/2021 16:03
Just to echo everybody's thanks for the conference which was very well-organised and informative - amazingly good time-keeping! Grateful thanks to each speaker for all their hard work. Hope we can build on this to equip the remnant believers for what is to come. Would be interesting to hear more about the Great Reset, and also facing the future.
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