Thank you for your encouragements

The organising team for the Navigating the Pandemic Fog would like to thank you for your encouragements and kind comments.

Confence bannerThe organising team for the above conference are grateful for your feedback which has been coming in following the above conference.

Following the event if their is any response(s) you would like to make - including any questions or suggestions regarding the organisation and presentation(s) - you are invited to leave your comments in the response facility at the foot of this page.

NEWS UPDATE: The video of the conference is now available to registered site members.

We do hope that you found the event helpful and any thoughts you have on the conference and on the topics covered  would be appreciated.

The Great Reset thumbnailMeanwhile you are invited to have a look at the 'pictogram/mindmap' which was drawn up some months ago by one of the team to try and capture the multifarious facets of and interconnections between the many components of the whole situation in which we find ourselves: a situation which is as fast-moving as it is complex the of vital importance. The document might be a help to you to fit some of the pieces together and as a pointer or aid to your own research.

The limited time at the conference prevented a 'deep dive' into any of the subjects and these all need to be further examined through the prism of God's Word.

Trusting that you will experience the Lord's encouragement, strength and wisdom as we continue to chart a path into what lies ahead.

Anyone wishing to (re)visit the page of questions submitted prior to the conference can do so by clicking here.

In His Shalom

Note: While the registration period closed on Thursday 4, every effort was made to accommodate applications right up to the morning of the conference: unfortunately some came in just too late.

The Organising Team, 06/03/2021

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Paula Moreland 06/03/2021 18:25
A big thank you to the three main speakers at this morning's conference for all they shared, and to the whole team who pulled together this event. How wonderful it is to hear and connect with Christians who are aware of the times we are in and those on our doorstep.

May I raise a point for everyone's consideration, whether this is brethren on the CT team, those at Issachar Ministries or brethren who participated in the conference. I would refer you to Anthony & Kathleen Patch who live in New Hampshire on the East coast of the US. Anthony has previously been a Paediatrician for 27 years. They run livestreams on their Patreon page on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and these video recordings are shared on other media platforms including Twitch, Brighteon, etc. Anthony has shared that there are HIV1 fragments in the COVID vaccines, which act as a retrovirus and result in the permanent change of the host's/person's DNA. He has produced a handout with many links at the bottom about this and other things like cryptocurrency. There is nowhere here to upload such files, so I am going to send this to the Editor and ask if he can pass this on to you for consideration/ digestion. I would value your considered thoughts on all that Anthony shares, given the evidence that he has referred to in the links. Many thanks again. Shalom. God bless and keep you in His faithfulness. Paula
Mike Sergeant 06/03/2021 19:17
Thank you indeed for this morning, so full of information & insight. We learnt new things almost every minute. Would it be possible to have a list of books referred to by the speakers at some point please? It was not possible to make a note of every point, as there were so many.
We pray the Lord's blessing on the organisers & speakers.
Leslie Howard 06/03/2021 19:19
Many thanks to you , the speakers and organisers .
I feel this is the start of a church without walls .
I believe that it was very pleasing to the Lord that you prayed at the beginning and end of the conference .
the fact that people did not wish to leave is testimony that this event provided a time of true Holy Spirit fellowship
I felt this in my spirit .
Jeff Holloway 06/03/2021 19:25
We are very thankful to have been with you all today. It was encouraging to see so many like minded brethren. We would be interested in any resources that could be available. Particularly Keith Malcomson's presentation, and Dr Henry Reitzug presentation.
Congratulations to all the organisers.
Jeremy Hett 06/03/2021 20:20
Thank you very much for putting this conference together; it was very encouraging to link with people who are on the same page. I do hope that this will be able to happen again and give us a chance to invite others to such an event, who are needing to be awakened!

It was great to be affirmed in some of the sources I have been using: UK Column for example. I sense that reliable information with good provenance is going to be so important looking ahead.
Nick & Marilyn 06/03/2021 20:34
We are very grateful to have been part of the conference today. We much appreciate all that went into the presentations and would like to thank Colin especially for hosting the event. Of course, there is a lot to reflect on having heard so much that is thought provoking. Most of all we feel deeply the challenge to be faithful to Jesus in the light of unfolding events. We look forward to keeping in touch and hope that our fellowship can be deepened in the coming days.
Clifford Evans 06/03/2021 20:38
What a meaningful presentation today. We are so encouraged to know that there are so many people who are also switched on to these end times. Each of the three presentations had much to offer and confirmed what we know to be true. I would like to echo Jeff Holloway's suggestion to have access to the videos of the three speakers so we can listen again and share them with others who need to know what's unfolding in the world. Great work everyone. More please.
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