Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant

In contrast to what the Church of Scotland's Church and Society Committee report states, two British churchmen cut through the muddled thinking of Replacement Theology.

"I fear for my British people that we will bring a lot of trouble on ourselves if
we do not change our attitude to the Jewish people".
   The late Derek Prince

Extract of letter to the Church of Scotland Moderator dated 12 May, 2013 from
Mrs. Elspeth Masson (former Church member and wife of former Church elder)

I was aware, of course, that Supercessionism1 claims that the Church is the New Israel but I had not, I think, realised that the doctrine denies the Land any significance at all other than as the country in which Jesus lived and worked. With the section of the report which includes the words ...
"Biblical promises about the land of Israel were never intended to be taken literally, or as applying to a defined geographical territory The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found - or built - anywhere" .....
Ishmael Khaldi
Arab Israeli Diplomat
Ishmael Khaldiit seems that numerous chapters of the Bible are dismissed as irrelevant the part of the Abramic Covenant which speaks of the land of Canaan, the precise delineation of the boundaries, the many prophecies which speak of the expulsion and regathering of the Jewish people and (presumably) that the Lord will return to Jerusalem. Is this your position?

Those attending a lecture in Inverness recently were shocked into silence when the speaker an Arab Israeli diplomat said that Britain is now considered one of the most anti-Semitic countries in Europe and in it the Church of Scotland one of the most anti-Semitic institutions.


David Noakes (Hatikvah Film Trust) and the late Derek Prince (Derek Prince Ministries) – both highly-regarded Bible teachers rooted in the word of God look at the what the Bible says about Israel, the Abrahamic Covenant and the promise which Great Britain made and then broke over the period spanning the 1st and 2nd World War.

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The above extracts were taken from two different videos which can be obtained as follows -
The Place of Israel
in God's Purposes
Derek Prince Ministries
A Call to Repentance /
The Forsaken Promise
Hatikvah Film Trust

Footnote:1. Replacement Theology (aka Supercessionism) is the teaching that the ancient promises and prophecies concerning Israel and the Jewish people are either -
  • already fulfilled or
  • now apply to the (mainly Gentile) church or are
  • merely allegorical and 'spiritualised' away
This false and dangerous doctrine has led to evangelicals denouncing fellow-Christians to leaders and others in the Islamic world.

Christians Together, 23/05/2013

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