It's 1930s Germany all over again

The Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem was an active collaborator in Hitler’s Holocaust, and was responsible for causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews in Europe. In the Middle East too, he incited riots in Palestine and Iraq which cost hundreds of Jewish lives. He had a plan to deport Iraqi Jews to camps in the desert and planned death camps for the Jews of Palestine near Nablus. After the war, the Arab states colluded in Nuremberg-style laws to engineer the ethnic cleansing of their Jews.


Many of today’s Palestinians nurse the same genocidal intentions as the Mufti, try as they might to cloak their aims in language acceptable to western ears. Just read the Hamas charter. The difference between then and now, is that today’s Jews have the means to defend themselves.
*Such Jew-hatred is deep and all-pervasive in the Arab and Muslim world, suggests Hirsan Ayaan Ali in the Christian Science Monitor:

“Millions of Muslims have been conditioned to regard Jews not only as the enemies of Palestine but as the enemies of all Muslims, of God, and of all humanity”, she writes. “In the wake of the Arab Spring, as the people take a chance on democracy, they and their new leadership want to see their ideals turned into policy.”

She quotes a 2011 Pew survey:  in Turkey, just 4 percent of those surveyed held a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” view of Jews; in Indonesia, 10 percent; in Pakistan, 2 percent. In addition, 95 percent of Jordanians, 94 percent of Egyptians, and 95 percent of Lebanese hold a “very unfavorable” view of Jews.

That’s why the West needs to take seriously Arab and Muslim anti-Jewish hatred and incitement, such as that of President (‘Jews-are-apes-and-pigs’) Morsi, and condemn it in the strongest terms.

*In her blog post on the David Ward scandal, Melanie Philips hits the nail on the head:

“… the really terrible thing here is not the grotesque misuse of the Holocaust, nor the vicious suggestion that ‘the Jews’ are guilty of behaviour that is somehow analogous to the Nazi genocide inflicted upon them, nor even the sickening insult that they have to ‘learn the lessons’ of their own suffering.

“No, the true venom of these remarks is the way they reverse the position of today’s Jewish victims – the Israeli survivors of the Holocaust and their children and grandchildren — and their currentwould-be exterminators – the descendants of Hitler’s Nazi collaborators in Palestine during the Holocaust.

“For the fact is that Israel is not trying to exterminate the Palestinians – indeed how could this possibly be the case, since the Palestinian population has more than quadrupled since the rebirth of Israel in 1948. Nor are the Israelis oppressing the Palestinians, who have benefited from some of the highest rises in GDP and lowest child mortality ratios in the Middle East.”

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Ed postscript:
Media supremo Rupert Murdoch whose group owns the Sunday Times has apologised over the Gerald Scarfe cartoon. However other newspapers have been ambivalent on the issue. Independent columnist Jennifer Lipman concludes her piece: "When we allow a day of memorial for the victims of genocide to become a political tool, something has gone wrong. I do not believe the Sunday Times is in any way antisemitic, or that Gerald Scarfe is. But the cartoon is still deeply, deeply unpleasant."

UK Chief Rabbi Lord Sachs said that regardless of the intention, the danger of publishing this type of cartoon on Holocaust Memorial Day in a respected national newspaper was that such images "reinforce a great slander of our time: that Jews, victims of the Holocaust, are now perpetrators of a similar crime. "Not only is this manifestly untrue, it is also inflammatory and deeply dangerous."

He described the image as 'deplorable' and spoke of the immense pain to the Jewish community in the UK and around the world.

Aside from the various responses what is beyond doubt is that we are seeing exactly the same emblems in our society today as those used by the Nazis in the run-up to the greatest and most systematic genocidal atrocity in the recorded history of the world. And the events prior to and during the Holocaust are still young enough to be part of living memory.

In July 1938 an international conference was held at Evian on the shores of Lake Geneva. With the exception of the Dominican Republic the nations of the world refused of offer asylum to Germany's Jews, even though Hitler offered to pay for their transportation. He Hitler duely noted the refusal and on September 12, 1938 he declared to the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg:

"They (the world) complain of the boundless cruelty with which Germany seek(s) to rid itself of Jewish elements. However the countries with icy coldness assured us that obviously there was no place for Jews in their territory."

Following very soon after that, Hitler sanctioned a ferocious series of attacks on Jews living in Germany and parts of Austria on 9 - 10 November 1938. The violent assauts were carried out by the SA (Sturmabteilung) paramilitary and civilians. German authorities looked on without intervening. The attacks left the streets covered with broken glass from the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues. The events became known as 'Kristallnacht': Crystal Night - the night of broken glass.

At least 91 Jews were killed in the attacks, and a further 30,000 arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps. Jewish homes, hospitals, and schools were ransacked, as the attackers demolished buildings with sledgehammers.Over 1,000 synagogues were burned (95 in Vienna alone), and over 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed or damaged.

The events of Kristallnacht led directly into the wholesale deportations and mass murder of approximately two-thirds of the nine million Jews living in Europe at that time.

Point of no return blog, 25/11/2015

Editor 24/07/2013 12:44

Eric Burdon, former lead singer of ’60s British band The Animals, on Tuesday cancelled an August 1 concert in Israel, because he had been receiving daily threatening emails, his manager said.

Burdon, whose band’s decades-spinning career including hits such as “The House of the Rising Sun,” “We Gotta Get out of This Place,” “It’s My Life,” and “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” was to have performed alongside Israeli legends Tislam at the Zappa Shuni Amphitheater in Binyamina. Tickets were already on sale.

Days ago, Burdon met up with members of Tislam in Vienna, and told them he was under pressure from anti-Israel activists to cancel the show.

Read on...
Editor 26/05/2014 14:43
The most recent fatal attack on visitors to the Jewish Museum in Brussels is yet another example of the anti-semitism in our present day.
See -

Josh McDowell (the well-known American Christian and apologist for the Christian faith) has written on his website -

For almost 1,900 years, the Jews wandered about the earth as strangers who were persecuted from every side. This culminated in the holocaust of World War II, when six million Jews were put to death in the concentration camps.

Yet, against all odds, the state of Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948, and the Jews began to return to their homeland from all points of the compass. This was the second time in their history since becoming a nation that they have come back into their land. Since 1948 they have survived some terrible conflicts, including the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1973 Holy Day War.

Through all this, the nation neither perished nor lost its national identity. History has demonstrated that any people who leave their homeland will, after about five generations, lose their national identity by being absorbed into the new culture, but the Jews remained a distinct entity.

Not only have they survived, but the nations that persecuted them-Moab, Ammon, Edom, Philistia, and many others-have either been destroyed or completely lost their individual identity.

Have you ever heard of a Swedish Moabite? A Russian Philistine? A German Edomite? An American Ammonite? No! These people have been totally absorbed into other cultures and races.

However, have you ever heard of a Swedish Jew? A Russian Jew? A German Jew? An American Jew? Yes! As prophesied, they have not lost their identity.

One of us was once attending a debate over the person of Jesus Christ in which a rabbi was participating. During the question period, the rabbi was asked why he did not believe in the resurrection of Jesus. "I don't believe in the miracles of the New Testament," he replied.

Some sharp student immediately asked the rabbi why he rejected the New Testament miracles but accepted the Old Testament miracles, and on what basis he made the distinction. Without batting an eye, the rabbi replied, "That's easy; I don't believe in the Old Testament miracles either. I think they are all myths." It's hard to believe he could make a statement like that, considering the fact that his survival, as a Jew, is one of the greatest miracles in all history.

When the two of us were in Israel in 1976, filming the movie, "More Than a Carpenter," we were invited to meet with a high official of the Israeli government. One of the questions we asked him concerned the survival of his nation.

How did they manage to survive being twice removed from their homeland, the second time almost 1,900 years; survive the holocaust when one out of every three Jews living was put to death, and stave off the attacks of the more than 100 million members of the Arab world in both 1967 and 1973?

Was this a result of their nation being so resourceful or was it because some divine hand was watching over His people? He looked up at the two of us and said, "Although most of the people in my country today would claim to be atheists, don't you believe it. I think that all of us know deep down inside that some force greater than us has been protecting this nation.
Editor 27/05/2014 09:33
This article and thread is about anti-semitism. I have deleted (and will continue to do so) a number of posts which are totally off-topic by 'Guests'.

One of these posts referenced an article about Josh McDowell.
It is at -

Anyone wishing to discuss that article should do so elsewhere. If there is a desire to discuss it then I am happy to open a 'site members only' thread. But I am not prepared to have this (CT) website become a platform for every heresy-hunter who happens to be out there.

However, one of the biggest heresies of the last 1700 years is 'Replacement Theology', and yet most heresy-hunters are either (a) unaware of it (b) do not understand the issue and its importance (c) unwilling to tackle it (c) caught up in it.

Anyone wishing to discuss it can find a number of articles on this website e.g.

Further on the subject of 'heresy', I will be (dv) writing shortly on the Church of Scotland's willing departure from God's righteous standards and the Truth of His Word. As I said on national TV "the Church of Scotland is beyond the pale".

But, as per above, this article is about anti-semitism and any further off-topic posts will be deleted while Josh McDowell's article (as an accurate overview) stands.

jack t (Guest) 27/05/2014 10:25
Sorry Ed,
You are right, if I have an excuse it is that I got caught up in responding spontaneously to the other guest.
Replacement theology???
Yes, it is the heresy of all heresies to deny the Jews their proper/permanent/eternal place in the fulfilment of God's creative purposes.
To deny the Jews their place in God's eternal plans is exactly the same as an individual denying the presence and essential and ongoing contribution of the DNA in their own body.
And any religious institution/group/cult which denies the Jews their proper and permanent place is merely advertising its own godless - lifeless nature.
Guest No 2 (Guest) 27/05/2014 13:18
Any one, who believes in the coming 1000 year reign of Christ (in theory at least?) shouldn't be anti-semetic. Of course; Replacement Theology is a breeding ground for such wickedness. I suppose if one believes that the Church has replaced Israel, then you would start to want the place wiped off the map, and I very much agree with jack t's sentiments.
Ed, I wouldn't call us "heresy hunters", just believers that can discern error, as the Bible commands us to do (I hope you agree?) 1 John 4.1, 1 Thess 5.21 etc,etc.

I am not sure if you are entirely aware to the uttermost the huge burden of responsibility you are shouldering yourself by reccommending certain material. In fairness to you, you do put up disclaimers in various places, although many tend to ignore those warnings, just like the warnings on a packet of cigarettes, and the "Danger! Steep Drop" near a cliff face?

Ed response: 'Guest No. 2' if you wish to discuss these things with me please either (a) register on the site or (b) contact me directly.
I have no problem with being a Berean. What I am not prepared to do is offer a platform to those self-appointed 'policemen' out there who feel it's their calling to subject anything and everything to their critical scrutiny.

I am trusting that you know what I am talking about here regarding 'discerning the spirits'; and some who post are entirely (in my estimation) afflicted by a wrong spirit (even on matters on which they may be right).
However as I said it does not help the 'flow' of a thread to deviate off into what is essentially 'off topic' and 'private conversation.

So, please either (a) register or (b) contact me directly.

Thank you.

Dale M 27/05/2014 15:02
I do not know the author of this article, but for what its worth it does present a clear understanding of the term 'Remnant Theology'. - a term I have mentioned before on this website, but which seems to have been lost in any subsequent discussion.
Editor 27/05/2014 16:31
With reference to the above article it correctly states that there there is a distinction between Israel (nation-state/people group) and the church.
And it is also correct in saying that the church (as the body of Christ) is grafted in to the same olive tree as the Old Testament saints and jewish believers of today.

However what the article doesn't make clear is the fact that the 'eternal and unconditional' covenants which God made with the ancient nation/state/people are still in effect. This includes the 'land' promises.

For anyone who is interested an earlier discussion on these things can be found attaching to an earlier article 'A Covenant-keeping God' -

Editor 16/11/2015 09:37
11 Nov. 2015

Ephraim Borowski
The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities
22 Fenwick Road
G46 6UE 11th November 2015

Dear Ephraim,

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly for the offence that has been caused by my accidental retweeting of this offensive image which I too find repellent and offensive.

I had not intended to retweet this picture, and was horrified to learn that I had done so. As soon as this was brought to my attention, I deleted the tweet.

Anyone who knows me or has known me over the many years I have served in public office will know of my love and tolerance for all peoples; all faiths and all religions.

They will know of my steely commitment to stand up for all suffering prejudice regardless of race or creed.

There is nothing that happens in Israel or Palestine that can be justification for any racial or religious hatred.

I truly believe that Scots of all backgrounds are welcoming and inclusive and this is something I have always been proud of.

I recently visited the Jewish Archives Centre in Glasgow, where I saw first-hand the immense contribution that the Jewish community has made to Scotland in recent years.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly for any offence that has been caused.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra White MSP
Editor 25/11/2015 16:19

UN adopts 6 resolutions on Israel, 0 on rest of world

New York, Nov. 24, 2015 – The UN General Assembly today adopted six non-binding resolutions, drafted by the Palestinians and Syria, singling out and criticizing Israel, and no resolutions on China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, ISIS, or any other human rights situation.
See -

CNN Erases Israel From the Map
See -

The Word of God says:
On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. Zechariah 12:3

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