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Worldwide body expresses its concerns to the Kirk

An international grouping of evangelical denominations, ministries and academics has written to the Church of Scotland expressing its deep concern for the situation surrounding the Tron Church.

Exclamation MarkA worldwide body of largely-Presbyterian demoninations, congregations and church leaders have written to the Church of Scotland with regard to the current situation surround the building and the congregation at St. George’s Tron Church in Glasgow.

The World Reformed Fellowship which currently comprises 61 denominations, 77 congregations, 130 organizations, and 602 individuals ministering and living in more than 75 countries around the world have advised Scotland’s national church that it is “deeply concerned over all that has happened”. The international body is urging that “everything possible now be done to preserve the reputation of Christ and His church and to assure that a dynamic evangelical and Reformed ministry be continued in the heart of Glasgow”.
Whilst refraining from being too prescriptive or specific the letter - signed by International Director Samuel T. Logan Jr and counter-signed by a lengthy and worldwide list of WRF members from denominational and academic bodies – continues:
"As has happened in many other places around the world, we request that you consider taking the most generous and gracious steps that you can with respect to the building which St. George’s Tron currently occupies and with respect to the housing which is provided for the Senior Minister, Dr. William Philip. From our perspective, this seems the course of action which will best foster the witness to the Gospel of all parties involved and which will be most effective in continuing a powerful evangelical and Reformed ministry there in the heart of Glasgow."
The list of co-signatories includes ministers from Scotland and the letter also states that an unspecified number of WRF members intend to write to the Church of Scotland on the handling of the situation at the Tron Church.
Whilst couched – as one would expect – in polite and somewhat vague terms, the letter from such a broadly-representative and international body will do little to ease any angst or embarrassment the Church of Scotland might be feeling regarding the denomination's handling of the Tron congregation and its stand for biblical truth.
For the full text of the letter and the complete list of signatories visit the WRF website.

 The World Reformed Fellowship is an international body linked to the World Evangelical Alliance and aimed at promoting “understanding, cooperation and sharing of resources among [its] membership of evangelical and reformed Christians in the advancement of the Gospel’. St. George’s Tron Church congregation is a WRF member.
The third WRF General Assembly met in Edinburgh in 2010 and is due to meet next in 2014. Retired Free Church of Scotland minister Dr. Fergus Macdonald sits on the international Board of Directors and Prof. Andrew McGowan who is currently part of a Church of Scotland’s Theological Commission tasked with exploring “the possibility of making significant changes to the Church’s present position” relating to same-sex relationships is on the European committee.
WRF member Red Futon Films recently launched its new video production ‘Half Devil Half Child: Can You Be Both Christian and Muslim?’

Christians Together, 04/11/2012

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