False Intimacy Conference

Following a similar event in 2011, CARE Scotland are again hosting an equipping conference for church leaders on how to provide pastoral care for those struggling with internet pornography.



Stirling Baptist Church

Thursday, 6 September 2012

False IntimacyWith pervasive internet access and the real danger of being drawn into pornographic content through computers, tablets and mobile phones, there is a need for those in pastoral ministry to be equipped to handle this problem amongst those in their care.

In a CARE survey 97% of church leaders believed that on-line pornography is a serious issue within the church. In this context, CARE for Scotland are again running a False Intimacy conference aimed at equipping pastors in how to respond to anyone caught up in unhealthy behaviour.


It is well documented that an obsession with pornography results in self-absorption, deluded relationships and occasionally family breakdown. For the Christian it invariably means secret guilt and a distancing from the Lord.


The False Intimacy conference is being billed as a 'day for those in ministry' who:

  • Are aware that this is an issue within their church
  • Haven't yet had to deal pastorally with this issue, but want to be equipped if needed
  • Want to understand more about the roots of addiction
  • Are youth pastors aware of the temptations which young people face
  • Want to gain understanding about the scale of this issue

The main speakers at the conference are Dr. Lisa Guiness and Peter Watts from Living Waters UK - a Christian ministry offering understanding, hope and healing to men and women dealing with relational and sexual issues.


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CARE Scotland / Living Waters, 05/08/2012

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