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Phew: Assad won’t use them on us!

The general response to Syria’s recent admission of holding chemical weapons has been one of (mock) shock and few countries are thinking beyond their own interests. Satan however is looking at the big picture.


Artillery“Don’t anyone dare attack Syria”. This the clear message sent out by Assad’s regime through its disclosure of holding a stockpile of chemical weapons. (And it is widely suspected that in Saddam’s dying days the Iraqi dictator shipped his own arsenal of such weaponry to Syria to avoid its discovery by Western arms inspectors.)

The ‘revelation’ will have been no surprise to the intelligence agencies around the world, but why should anyone have been worried about it anyway? No one was seriously planning an attack on Syria, and Syria was not planning to attack anyone else. Well no one else except of course one country: Israel. So that’s OK. We in the West can sleep easily in our beds.

After all Israel is accustomed to having to defend itself. It was attacked by its neighbours in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973; and yet – miraculously it would seem - managed to survive. And it has been under attack or constant threat of attack throughout its modern history. So what if Syria does have chemical weapons? With Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel should be well used to having to deal with existential threats on its borders.

And of course the threat of chemical weapons is nothing compared to that of Iran’s nuclear development programme and Ahmedinijad’s aim to ‘wipe Israel off the map’. All these things will ensure that the Israeli Defence Force is ‘on the watchtower’ and prepared. And come to think of it, if the Jews are defeated that will be the end of the troubles in the region. And that’s got to be good surely?

So we can all relax and have a cup of coffee. We don’t need to think about the chemical weapons much more. It’s only Israel that needs worry. Even if Assad’s chemical arsenal falls into the hands of Hezbollah, it’s only Israel that needs to worry.

But that’s not how Satan thinks. The arch enemy of God has his eye on the main chance.

Attack on IsraelOh boy! There is now a new Islamic government in Egypt and the way things are going there will soon be one in Syria. And, aside from Shamedinijad, the useful idiot in Iran, all the Arabs and the rest of the Islamic world hate Israel. And if that’s not all, alongside Hamas and Hezbollah we have an ‘enemy within Israel's walls’ in the form of the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Fatah, which also have the aim – by political intrigue and aremed force respectively - of ‘liberating’ the whole country of Jews.

What I need to do is wait: but not for long. Once Iran has its nuclear facility in place and the Assad regime has been replaced by my friends the stage will be set. With now totally surrounded Israel the Jews can be attacked by suicide bombers, conventional weaponry, chemical - or even biological – devices. And if all that fails all it needs is one nuclear bomb. This is where I bring Ahmedinijad into play. Isreal is a ‘one-bomb’ nation and a nuclear device exploded above Tel Aviv will knock out all the important infrastructure on which the country depends.

United NationsAnd after all, does your God not say that all the nations of the world will come against Jerusalem? So I’m really on God’s side you see. Yes, no?

All I need to do is ensure that Israel feels so threatened by another holocaust that Netanyahu is manoeuvred into a defensive action which the world’s media – and with the BBC who needs Al Jazeera? –will happily translate as being an attack for which Israel needs to be punished.

Jihad for JewsThen I can bring the whole Arab and Islamist world down on the Jews heads with the sure support of the United Nations.

And with the Jews obliterated, and Palestine and Jerusalem firmly under Islamic control there is no way that Jesus can return the way he left.
He wouldn’t dare return the way he left to set his feet on the Mount of Olives.

And you Christians that are left after I have beheaded all the martyrs can tear up the book of Revelation. It’s game, set and match; and I’ve won.

Ed footnote: In contrast to much of the church, Satan knows the biblical prophesies. But – like much of the church – he only quotes the bits that suit his thinking.

Christians Together, 24/07/2012

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