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Pray for this lady; a prophet to the nation

One of the most prophetic voices in the country at the moment is an agnostic (her description) Jewish columnist for a national newspaper. Pray for this lady who champions Christian values.


Melanie Philips
Melanie PhilipsMany in Scotland may not know of Melanie Philips as the Daily Mail newspaper for which she writes does not publish her column in its Scottish edition.
But the journalist, author and BBC's 'Question Time' panellist is one of the most consistent and vocal champions of Christian values; and the need, as she so clearly, bravely and forcefully argues it, for a return to the morality of the Judeo-Christian faith.

At the time of  writing a search on her web site for the word 'Christian' produces 163 references.  In article entitled From Red Toryism to Blue Labour, social renewal depends on Christian principles she wrote:

"[at] a conference last week on individualism organised by Christian groups, Lord Glasman (who is a Jew) stuck his neck out again when he observed: ‘We have never been in greater need of the gifts that the Christian tradition brings.’

Even more interesting was a speech at the same conference expounding similar views by Phillip Blond. For he is credited as a key architect of David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ idea.

From his speech, it was possible to learn three important things: that despite being the object of near-universal scorn, the Big Society idea is, in fact, essential to restoring civilised values to Britain; that it depends upon the reaffirmation of Christian principles."

Most recently (19/12/11) she commented on David Cameron's recent call which is in tune with her own:
"For against a background in which Christian belief is constantly denigrated and ridiculed, eyebrows are raised if politicians talk about God and even the Church of England seems embarrassed to do so, Mr Cameron nevertheless defended Christianity as essential to British society.

In a few robust remarks, he thus got right to the heart of his country’s moral and social malaise. And how striking this was.

For while the Church of England pins the blame for just about every social ill on poverty, inequality or some other fashionable political shibboleth, Mr Cameron homed in on the real cause — the replacement of Biblical codes of behaviour by moral neutrality."

The lady writes in an incisive manner which is 'prophetic' in its delivery, and is probably for many, highly uncomfortable reading. Pray for her; and pray that the Lord will use her writing to speak to the heart of our nation and those who lead us.

Melanie Philips
is a mother and the wife of lawyer and former BBC Legal Correspondent Joshua Rosenberg. In her most recent book  entitled 'The World Turned Upside Down' she has written of the moral inversion in our society which has called 'good evil and evil good'.  In her previous book (Londonistan) she wrote of the extent to which the UK (and other countries) are being undermined by a foreign culture and belief system.

She has written in defence of Christians and, in 2009, penned an article with the title: 'Beware the new axis of evangelicals and Islamists'.  See also article 'Evangelicals and Islamists in Common Cause'.

Christians Together, 19/12/2011

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