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United States to lock up its citizens

According to a report from Hal Lindsey, recent legislation which has passed through the US Senate allows the US military to hold civilian detainees in military facilities for indefinite periods, without charges and without due process. Could it happen in the UK also?



Extract of report from

Hal Lindsey (9/12/11):


[An] example of [the] inexorable move toward the control of the populace that will be necessary to implement a one-world government occurred right here in the United States just last week. When all is said and done, it may not stand as law, but just the fact that it happened is important.

The U.S. Senate last week passed S.1867 by a vote of 93-7. That bill, known as The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, authorizes the budget authority of the Defense Department for 2012. Whether or not you agree with the fiscal make-up or future implications of that budget, here's the critical part.
 FEMA Camps 

At the last moment, an amendment, drafted in secret by Senators Carl Levin and John McCain, was added to the bill. That amendment authorizes the use of the US military to arrest and detain people -- including American citizens -- suspected of terrorist activities. Here's where it gets alarming. For the first time, it authorizes the use of US armed forces for domestic law enforcement within the United States! Further, it allows the military to hold detainees in military facilities for indefinite periods, without charges, and without due process.

It's possible that the reasoning followed this line: One of the greatest weapons that Islamic terrorists -- especially homegrown or newly radicalized ones -- use against the United States is America's tradition of domestic liberty and freedom of movement and association. Now before you fist pump and yell, "Atta boy! Arrest those terrorists wherever you find them!", consider this: Who determines who's a "terrorist?" In this amendment, apparently the White House gets to make that call.

Uh-oh. If you take just a quick look at the Department of Homeland Security's list of potential terrorists, you'll find Christian extremists, Jewish extremists, anti-immigration extremists, anti-abortion extremists, tax resisters, members of the alternative media, gun owners, former members of the military, and people who stockpile gold or silver. I don't think the "Tea Party" is listed, but it someday might be. Just this week in England, for instance, the government designated some members of the "Occupy London" movement as domestic terrorists.

Hopefully, the media exposure and public outcry will get this provision removed from the final bill, but it nonetheless illustrates how easily these kinds of repressive measures can be implemented. It must have seemed "logical, rational, even necessary" since 93 of our 100 senators voted in favor of it.


Ed addendum: A mature believer in England has written concerning the above: "[The above] is written to Americans, but I think it may equally apply to the whole of the New World Order; and so easy to see that Christians – viewed as they are with suspicion by so many unbelievers – may one day be counted as enemies of the state to be "disappeared". I think we should all be aware of this possibillity.


Hal Lindsey is best known as the author of the book 'The Late Great Planet Earth'. He produces a regular report on world affairs. The above report can be found in video form dated 12/09/11 (i.e. 9 Dec. 2011) .

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was established in 1979 as an organisation designed to assist local agencies in dealing with national emergencies.
Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Congress passed the Homeland Security Act of 2002, which created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to better coordinate among the different federal agencies that deal with law enforcement, disaster preparedness and recovery, border protection and civil defense.

Hal Lindsey, 13/12/2011

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