Mike Moore of CWI writes to David Cameron

Mike Moore the Gen. Sec of Christian Witness to Israel has written to David Cameron to express his concern about the "unreasonable pressure" the Prime Minster is placing on Israel in advance of the anticipated calls for a Palestinian State to the UN later this month.

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.. (Gen 12:3)

Letter by Mike Moore CWI

Mike Moore CWI (right) speaking to Christians Together

Mike Moore8th September 2011
The Prime Minister
The Right Honourable David Cameron MP
House of Commons

Dear Prime Minister,

Although I welcome your assurance to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Britain’s friendship with Israel is ‘unshakeable’, I was deeply concerned to read your warning to Mr Netanyahu that unless Israel ‘engages seriously in a meaningful peace process’ with the Palestinian Authority, Britain will support the PA’s call for the recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN this month.

Your threat concerns me for a number of reasons.

First, you are pressurising the victim in the Israel-Palestine conflict rather than the aggressor. Israel has constantly tried to make peace while their enemies have not, and virtually all Israel’s concessions to the Palestinians have been reciprocated with an increase in aggression.

Second, Mr Netanyahu has stated publicly that he will be the first to welcome a Palestinian state if that state is willing to recognise a Jewish state. Although Mr Abbas wishes the world to recognise and support a Palestinian state, he has stated repeatedly that he will never accept Israel as a Jewish state.

Third, a ‘State of Palestine’ will be a racist state, inasmuch as Mr Abbas has declared on several occasions that not a single Jew will be allowed to live there.

Fourth, Mr Abbas’ Fatah party is in an alliance with Hamas, a terror organisation explicitly committed to the genocide of the Jews and the destruction of the state of Israel. If Britain supports the establishment of a Palestinian state, it will be endorsing a regime committed to a programme of genocide.

Such unreasonable pressure on Israel is nothing less than a demand that Mr Netanyahu negotiate the destruction of his own country. Should Britain support a Palestinian state at the UN later this month, I believe future generations will condemn you as the Prime Minister who stood shoulder to shoulder with genocidal terrorists against their victims.

May I be assured that you will be a true friend to Israel by opposing the establishment of a Palestinian state until such a time as the Palestinian leaders unambiguously recognise the right of the Jewish people to a national homeland?

Yours sincerely,

Mike Moore
General Secretary
Christian Witness to Israel

Ed. Footnote:
Mike Moore has spoken in the Highlands and Islands on many occasions; including the Highland Theological College. His predecessor at CWI was Rev. John Ross, formerly of Greyfriars Free Church of Scotland, Inverness.
Earlier this year Mike gave an interview on camera to Christians Together about the anti-semitism that exists even amongst the so-called Bible-believing church; and the failure by Christians to recognise the will of God for the Jewish people.

Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne
led a 'Mission of Enquiry' outreach to the Jews in the 19th century. Yet in his church last year, Rev. Stephen Sizer gave his support to and endorsement of film (With God on our Side) which has, and is being used by Sizer, to denounce fellow Christians to Arab/Muslim audiences around the world.
Secular journalist Melanie Phillips picked up on this most disturbing development in an article 'Beware the new axis of evangelicals and Islamists.'

Mike Moore CWI / Christians Together, 08/09/2011

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