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Judgment; cause and effect

At a prayer conference in the summer of 2010 a Christian leader spoke of the UK coming under judgment, including violence on our streets. We are now seeing these things in our daily newspapers and in the church.

first published 03/06/11

Cause and effect: everyone dies following their last meal, but not necessarily because of it.

Scott Rennie

Homosexuality and violence on our streets: bringing, or in fact being the judgment?

Speaking to Christians Together at a prayer conference in the north of Scotland last year, Chuck Cohen spoke of judgment coming upon nations and the church.
However he saw the issues of homosexuality and violence, not so much as bringing judgment upon us, but as being judgments in themselves – representing the inescapable consequences of departing from God's word.

Coptic Christians attacked in (Since this article was first written we have seen cities in Britain rocked by violence and looting.)

But journeying deeper into these issues Cohen, who is part of the Intercessors of Israel team sees a failing in the church in the West to understand His prophetic purposes and an unwillingness to believe and pray in line with God's word.

Root causes

The Church of Scotland at its May 2011 General Assembly spent a very substantial part of an afternoon debating how it could encourage a boycott of Israeli goods and products while remaining within the law and avoiding placing its own Israel-based staff and facilities in jeopardy.

David Torrance1Rev. David Torrance — a highly-respected and senior Kirk minister, now retired – wrote to the Church of Scotland in 2007 after the General Assembly of that year. In his letter which was prompted by his church's increasingly hostile attitude to Israel he wrote of how 'Replacement Theology' – the teaching that the church has replaced Israel in God's purposes – was a fundamental misunderstanding of God's word. In his letter Torrance wrote: 
"God is actively present in this world which he has redeemed in Christ. He is encountering the nations today in mercy and in judgement. He is spiritually/physically encountering them today through Israel."
Concerning the anti-Israel report adopted by the 2011 General Assembly and a document which the report affirms and adopts writes:

The document starts by saying that the writers want peace and justice for all and then totally ignores the danger facing Israel by militant Islam. It ignores the fact that the suffering of the Palestinians is to a very great extent because of their own intransigence and refusal to recognise Israel. It does not recognise that in the present alliance between Fatah or the PLO and Hamas Israel confronts a people who do not want her to exist.

However what has been aptly termed 'Christian Palestinianism' is not confined to the Church of Scotland but can be found in other denominations. There is also evidence of an increasing anti-Israel attitude growing on university campuses, in trade unions and amongst local authorities. West Dumbartonshire Council recently issued a statement: "This Council also recognises the disproportionate force used by the IDF in Palestine and agrees to boycott all Israeli goods as a consequence." Stirling and Dundee Councils are similarly inclined.

Whilst few would expect secular bodies and humanist organisations to have any regard for God's word, in an interview with Christians Together,  Rev. Torrance spoke of his conviction that we need to understand the heart and mind of God in the matter.

Chuck Cohen is of the same view and a copy of an address in Inverness in 2010 which was followed by a question and answer session is available on DVD. The DVD also includes the full interview that he gave to Christians Together of which the following is an extract. He speaks of 'homosexuality coming out of the closet' and the UK being 'under the hand of judgment'.

 Chuck Cohen speaks of the UK being under judgment 

On-line orders for copies of the DVD which includes the conference, questions and answers PLUS folllowing interview should be placed with Thistle Channel TV.

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Christians Together, 06/06/2013

Peter Carr (Guest) 03/06/2011 20:55
Is the current spiritual condition of the UK a result of this judgement that your article speaks of?

Rom 1: 18 - 20 "The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."
Tartan Paint (Guest) 06/07/2011 21:07
"Civil servants in Scotland can no longer use the word “homosexual” because it is deemed offensive to gay men, according to new guidance from the Scottish Government."

The above article by the CI shows clearly which direction this country is now taking. My question - is this a direct assault on the bible's (God's clear inerrant word to humanity) definition?
Martin Lisemore 08/07/2011 10:01
Peter, yes it is. It's also another spirit at work.

However we style it, sin is sin and sinners are sinners. No amount of, ah! bless, let's call it something else and ignore the effects of that sin, will ever make it right with God.

In my understanding, God's Word is settled in Heaven, eternally binding on man. To go against it deliberately is the same as the fool saying in his heart, no, to God!

The church's lack of clear moral guidance and teaching on sin, as well as the Godless media, has left this people numbed to what is, and is not, sin before a Holy God. Therefore, such an attack, above, is not seen as such, but rather as a loosening of religious bonds and freeing the mind.

So, yes, but it's just another assault on God's Word, one of so many.

Peter Carr 08/07/2011 11:44
"The church's lack of clear moral guidance and teaching on sin, as well as the Godless media, has left this people numbed to what is, and is not, sin before a Holy God."

I believe to some degree that you are right, however in Jn 16: 7 - 11 Jesus tells of The Holy Spirit coming to convict and convince people of their sin. To what degree is it possible that God has removed His Spirit in this respect in relation to what we read in Rom 1: 18ff?
Editor 21/06/2013 20:29
Chuck Cohen has recently written a piece entitled: "Why God judges nations."
It can be found at the Intercessors for Israel website -

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