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Women victims in Israel targets of terror attack

Arab terrorists attacked and killed a visiting American Christian woman and badly wounded her UK-born Messianic Jewish friend in a forested area south of Jerusalem on Saturday.

Israel stabbingKay Wilson who survived the attack  is a leading tour guide with Shoresh Tours, which operates under the auspices of the CMJ global ministry from the Christ Church complex in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Kristine Luken who died from her injuries came to Israel with a Shoresh tour three years ago. From there she became involved win CMJ’s US branch, and then went on to become adminsitrative secretary at the UK branch.

The two friends decided to take a weekend hike through a forest between the southern Jerusalem suburb of Tzur Hadassah and the nearby town of Beit Shemesh. Along the way they were approached by two young Arab men who asked for water. Wilson told Ynet that she responded in Hebrew that they did not have any extra water, but that she did not feel good about the situation.

Wilson told Luken that they needed to get out of there, but it was too late. As the two women began to walk away and look at their map, the Arab men attacked. “It all happened so fast,” said Wilson. “Suddenly they attacked us, and one pulled out a long knife, like a bread knife.”

Wilson said that as the terrorists tied her hands she was scared, but recalled that Luken became hysterical. And that’s when the stabbing began.

Christians Together member GT who has worked in Israel and is waiting to return there has reported: "These two ladies were part of the CMJ team, Kaye from Israel and Kristine (an American) from the UK. Kristine was visiting as part of the International Board meeting to discuss matters concerning the work in Israel."
GT continues: "Can I please ask you to pray for a quick recovery for Kay, for Christine’s family and all at CMJ in Jerusalem as they come to terms with these terrible events. Don Stanley is the Israel Director and will be leading the team over the coming days. Please pray especially for him."

The Israeli police have said that the assault and murder was probably a 'terror attack'.
Ms Wilson's survival has been attributed to her prescence of mind in pretending to be dead.

Read on at: Israel Today and the Jerusalem Post

Christians Together, 19/12/2010

Editor 03/02/2011 17:32
The Israeli police have just lifted the media blackout imposed on 22nd December, concerning the brutal murder of Kristine Luken and the attack on her close friend and companion Kay Wilson.

Charges were submitted by the Jerusalem district police and General Security Services against 4 members of a Palestinian 13-man cell, who are indicted for the murder of Kristine, the attempted murder of Kay, the murder of an Israeli woman Neta Blatt-Sorek a year ago, rape and attempted rape and many other crimes and terror attacks.

The investigation revealed that the cell members actions were motivated by nationalistic (terrorist) grounds. No one particular organization has claimed responsibility, but the report shows that it was a revenge attack following actions by the Israeli Mossad against the terrorist organization Hamas.

See story at -

Part of which says:
"She guides (tours) in both Hebrew and English, but has found her niche guiding Englis-speaking Christians, specializing in the Second Temple Period and the Jewish roots of Christianity.

It was through her guide work that Wilson met Kristine Luken. They were both participants on a study tour this past summer that explored Jewish life and the Holocaust in Poland. Luken wanted to learn more about Judaism, while Wilson wanted to understand more about how Christians understand and experience the Holocaust. They became fast friends and kept in touch."

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