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Iranian Pastor to hang for 'thought crimes'

Please pray for an Iranian court has passed down a death sentence on a Christian pastor, who was found guilty of so-called “thought crimes.

first published 24/11/10

Update: 03/10/11

Columnist Melanie Phillips writes under the headline
'Where are the British protests over Pastor Nadarkhani?':

Pastor Nadarkhani is but the latest victim of outrages against Christians and other faiths inside Iran. He has twice refused to recant his Christian belief; apparently he is to be asked to do so for a third time on Tuesday, and if he again refuses he could be hanged any time after that. It is still possible to save this man's life if enough protest is made.

It is obvious that, faced with mounting outrage around the world – there have been protests from the White House, for example -- the Iranian regime has resorted to trumping up spurious accusations against a man they are persecuting on account of his Christian faith. By seeking to deny the verdict of apostasy that was handed down two years ago, they are trying to conceal above all that Pastor Nadarkhani has been imprisoned for two years and is sentenced to hang because of an Islamic religious precept. Read on.....


Original Report

Pastor Youcef in church and with his family

Pastor Youcef and familyACCORDING to Present Truth Ministries, the official verdict has now been delivered in writing to Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, stating that he is to be hung for the crime of apostasy.

Spokesman Jason DeMars of Present Truth Ministries, says: “There are 20 days to appeal the verdict, and Youcef’s attorney is now beginning the process of the appeal.”

The prayer burdens surrounding this development are many, DeMars said in an e-mail to ASSIST News Service.

“Please pray for Youcef, that God would grant him peace and strength in this hour, that God would move on his behalf, and that he would be delivered! Pray also for his wife and children; this is extremely difficult for them.

“We are trusting our great Lord to give her the peace that comes only from the True Comforter. Pray that the church in Iran would stand strong, that their faith would not be shaken, but that their eyes would remain fixed on Christ. Pray also for the local officials in charge of this case in Iran, that their hearts would be changed, and that they would experience salvation in Jesus Christ,” he said.

DeMars concluded: “Brothers and Sisters, it is critical that we intercede constantly on behalf of our brother Youcef. I trust that, as the Lord leads each one individually, Youcef will be lifted before the Lord continually with prayer and fasting. 'The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much,' (James 5:16).”

DeMars, in calling Christians around the world to pray for Pastor Youcef, also cited William Branham, who said: “Prayer changes things. Prayer is the most powerful weapon that was ever put in the control of human beings. There's no atomic bomb, or no hydrogen bomb as powerful as prayer.”

Michael Ireland / Assist News Service, 03/10/2011

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A Guest (Guest) 25/11/2010 15:05
I received an e mail from my sister about this dear brother in the Lord.

I will be praying for Youcef and his family that the Lord will change the hearts of those who have delivered this sentence, and that the family will experience a peace that passes all understanding.

J MacIntosh (Guest) (Guest) 27/11/2010 09:54
We will pray.
Richard Tallach (Guest) 28/11/2010 23:38
We will remember our brother in prayer.
An Iranian Pastor (Guest) 04/12/2010 20:44
Iran is a very hostile country to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is sad to see the church being attacked from outside. However there is also attack and error from within. May I be permitted to say, that Mr Youcef Nadarkhani, is the pastor of the Oneness Pentecostal movement, which has been destroying the evangelical churches and house churches of Iran. This group rejects all the Trinitarian churches as not being the true churches of Christ, and deny the Father and the Holy Spirit, and only accept the Lord Jesus, and to be saved a person must be baptised in the name of Jesus only. Many do not know about this issue, and that most evangelical churches in and out of Iran do not accept the heretical teachings of this cult. It is very sad to see anyone to be persecuted for what they believe in, and we do need to pray for this situation and this man.
Editor 04/12/2010 22:24
Dear Iranian Pastor,

There are many in the West who would want to know more about the true situation in Iran for disciples of Christ and believers in the Triune God.

Please do feel free to leave news and prayer points on this site.

There are stories circulating of Muslims seeing visions of Jesus in dreams. Perhaps you could say to what extent this is happening.
Brian Ross 04/10/2011 21:23
It is, at the very least, interesting that our "Iranian Pastor" correspondent has never returned to provide any justification for what might be referred to as a 'character assassination'. After all, I can name myself Donald Duck, but never have even visited Disneyland!!

I only know that the major, western, organisations that work with persecuted disciples of Jesus around the world, are continuing to ask for prayer, and action, on behalf of Pastor Nadarkhani - and that, regardless of any doctrinal differences that I MIGHT have with him, his death would be travesty of natural justice. Of course, I also believe that NOTHING happens without the permission of our Almighty God, and that He is much more concerned or this brother than nay of us can ever be!
Martin Lisemore 04/10/2011 22:07
Common sense at last.

There's too much hype in all this.
charles soper (Guest) 04/12/2011 22:55
If as reported Yousef Nadarkhani is a Oneness pastor he likely holds to Sabellian heresy, also called Patripassianism. This is not a minor error.
I pray for him, but not as a brother, as I would for a Jehovah's witness in the same situation.
Trumpet Call (Maranatha) (Guest) 24/02/2012 16:51

It has been reported from sources in Iran that the execution order for Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani may have been issued in the past few days. An Iranian Court has convicted him of apostasy, despite him never having been a Muslim, and the execution is thought to be imminent. According to Islamic law, the punishment for "apostasy" - leaving the Islamic faith - is execution.

If the execution proceeds, it will be the first Iranian execution of a Christian for many years, and may lead to executions of other Christians and religious minorities, of which there are many languishing in prison. The Pastor's life has been extended thus far only because of international pressure.

The US Government yesterday issued a strongly worded condemnation of Iran. However, so far, the UK Government have not condemned the proposed execution.

• Please email the Iranian Chief Judge via the following link :
(This is at the suggestion of our friends at Christian Solidarity Worldwide).

•Please also contact your MP to raise this issue urgently with the Foreign Office. You can send a message to your MP via or write to your MP at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. You can also obtain MP's email addresses from

• Please email the Foreign Minister of the European Union, Baroness Ashton, the High Representative European Union External Action Service via her Chief Spokesperson Michael Mann; email:

For further information from Christian Solidarity Worldwide see -

Please Pray & Act Now!

Editor 27/02/2012 19:01
"Lawyers for an Iranian pastor awaiting a final decision on his death sentence have not received communication from authorities that their client will be executed, despite reports that his death is imminent.

Rumors of an imminent execution of Yousef Nadarkhani were leaked this week after a source close to one of his lawyers contacted international media, informing them that a lower court had signed Nadarkhani’s execution papers and that his death sentence would be carried out soon, sources told Compass.

“The lawyer is waiting for confirmation, but he understood from a source that the execution was issued,” said Firouz Khandjani, a member of the council of the Church of Iran, Nadarkhani’s denomination. “Now we are trying to understand exactly what is happening. Because the information came from someone close to the lawyer, he took it seriously.”

Nadarkhani’s case had been sent to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei for a decision on his death sentence, but legally the lower court still has the authority to issue an execution order, Khandjani said. Khamenei may or may not make a decision, and if the court were to issue an execution order, Khameni would have the authority to block it, Khandjani said."

Read on at Christianity Today -
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