Open meeting to consider Christian school

A group of Christians from churches in the Inverness area have been meeting over a period with a sense that God is putting it on their hearts to see a Christian school established in the Highland capital.

PupilsA GROUP of believers who have been meeting since March 2010 are now inviting all interested parties to an open meeting to discuss the prospect of a Christian school in Inverness.

"The Christian school movement has grown rapidly in Britain with about a hundred schools now operating. These schools have been set up on the initiative of local Christian communities which have become concerned at the academic and behavioural standards in their respective local state schools." *

Rebecca Tidey is one of the Inverness group. Concerning what has already been achieved in other parts she remarked: "Those involved have made great personal and financial sacrifices to establish their own independent schools."
She quotes William Carey, missionary to India: "Pay the utmost attention to the schools. I consider schools as one of the most effectual means of spreading the light of the gospel through the world".
The Inverness group are also encouraged by the words of US President Abraham Lincoln who said: "The philosophy of the classroom is the philosophy of the Government in the next generation."

Speaking further Mrs. Tidey said that she and her colleagues "greatly value the witness of Christians within the state educational sector who are acting as 'salt and light' and 'frontline troops' in maintaining a Christian influence in the schools; we should certainly be supporting them more.

"However it is our desire to also see a Christian school, with an unashamedly Christian curriculum and the liberty to worship God in a morning assembly and to teach the Bible during school time. We believe that this will be a blessing not only to those directly involved in the school but will act as a beacon and blessing to the community."

A warm invitation is extend to all to a meeting to discuss the issues of Christian schools:

Bughtstop Community Hall

Torvean Avenue, Inverness

(behind the Sports Stadium, next to newsagents)
Friday, 27 November, 2010

There will be an opporitunty for discussion and to ask questions.

Further information:
Rebecca Tidey
Tel. 01463 222570



Christian Schools TrustChristian Schools' Trust

'All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be your children's peace!' Isaiah 54:13, The Bible.'

Education is more than just the transfer of knowledge; we believe education is to prepare children for life. God’s truth is found in all knowledge (science, maths etc) so our schools seek to provide an excellent academic environment coupled with a Christ-centred curriculum.

We also believe that schools should be an extension of the home and that children should experience the same values and beliefs at school as at home. We want to provide an environment where our children can be nurtured, to grow in their faith and where they choose, to make Jesus the centre of their lives in every aspect.

Footnote:  There is now established a regular prayer meeting for those concerned about Christian education each Tuesday at 1.15pm in Inverness. The meeting lasts about one hour. Further details Tel. 01463 222570

* Paraphrased from 'The Love of God in the Classroom, the story of the new Christian Schools' by Sylvia Baker and David Freeman, pub. Christian Focus Publications


Rebecca Tidey/Christians Together, 20/11/2010

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