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God at work in Pakistan amongst the dangers

Two Pakistani pastors who are working in their country to spread the Gospel amongst Muslims have sent a prayer/news update to Christians Together outlining points for praise and for prayer.

Note: identities and names have been removed for security reasons.
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House burning in Pakistan1Dear Brother in Christ,

Greetings to you in Jesus’ name!

Thanks for your prayers and concerns towards us and <Name> Ministry. God’s Spirit is moving in a very special way in our areas for His own glory. Humbly, we request you please continue uphold us and the believers in your prayers. We highly appreciate your kind prayers for us.

A Few Praise Points:

  • Praise God as He has added few more new men and women to our weekly worship services. Even though there is heavy risks for the lives of new believers, but God’s Spirit has inspired their hearts to take decision to follow Him. They are attending worship services with their family members. Praise His Holy name!
  • God is continuously using A to spread The Gospel of Christ through <Name of Ministry>. We were able to meet and share The Gospel of Christ to several men and women through health care ministry. We also have given booklets about Jesus and other Prophets of Old Testament to several of them.
  • God has provided more old clothes for free distribution to the needy and poorest of the poor people in our area.

A Few Prayer Points:

  • Kindly pray for God’s protection for few believers at <Name of Fellowship/Ministry> worship centre; those are witnessing to their neighbors in heavy risk. Fanatics Muslims given ordered to all the villagers that they should not talk with these few believers in Christ and not to keep any social affairs. Also pray for God’s protection in their lives and family members. 
  • Kindly pray that the Muslim men and women those who heard The Gospel of Christ might be more open to Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour.
  • Kindly pray for winter clothes for all our Sunday children (at present nearly 80 students) from Muslim families that are attending at our Sunday Schools regularly and learning about Jesus and God’s Word. Their parents are very poor and they do not have winter clothes. Also pray that their parents will open to learn more about Jesus.
  • Kindly pray for God’s blessings and grace to our Evangelists and their family member. Pray that God may help us to provide new clothes to them as Christmas gift.
  • Kindly pray that God may add more new men and women to our worship services. We are praying for at least 500 Muslim background believers.
With regards in Christ,

B and A

B and A (pastors in Pakistan), 06/11/2010

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