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UK denies entry to persecuted Christian speaker

After months of effort and planning by Release International to host a series of meetings across the UK about the persecution of Christians, the speaker from Eritrea has been denied a UK entry visa.
helen barredHelen Berhane was due to speak at various locations across the UK starting this Saturday but the Ertirean Christian who has endured series persecution for her faith has been denied the necessary entry visa by the UK authorities.

Helen has been able to visit a number of other European countries and in this context  tour organisers Release International – a Christian organisation which supports the persecuted church – had no reason to believe that there would be a problem with the UK.

Andy Dipper the Chief Executive of Release International has said: "This is a huge disappointment after all the effort that has gone into planning her tour, both within Release and at the hosting churches."

However the meetings will go ahead as scheduled albeit that Helen  will be appearing on video.

Mr. Dipper continued: "I am planning to travel to meet with Helen this week and arrange for her to speak to camera so that this recording can be shown at each location and prayers can be offered for our Christian family still in Eritrea. If you were planning to attend one of these events, please do come and give your support."

The organisers of the Scottish part of the tour have expressed disappointment regarding the situation in the context of Helen's continuing persecution and the fact that she is representing hundreds of others in Eritrea who are also suffering for their faith.

In response to a question to the Home Office a representative replied: "I have looked into this and I’m afraid, as I mentioned may be the case, we do not routinely comment on individual cases so are unable to provide you with any information.

Details of the Inverness meeting can be found on the original article about Helen's visit to Inverness

Christians Together, 05/11/2010

Alec (Guest) 05/11/2010 17:50
It's almost unbelievable. This is a woman who knows first hand what real oppression is and she is not allowed into the UK

Yet, rabble rousing terrorsits like Abu Hamza are accomodated no problem:

The same individual who presided over this:

Whats wrong with this country?
Rosemary Cameron 05/11/2010 18:39
I wrote to my MP some months ago about the way in which this country seemed to be biassed against Christians who wanted to visit us. I got a very woolly reply from then Immigration Minister Phil Woolas - yes, the very same ex-minister who is now facing a possible by-election after being found guilty of deliberately making false statements about a Lib Dem rival in the 2010 election.

The only solution is to keep on at the new administration in the hope that a more enlightened immigration policy will prevail.........
Martin Lisemore 06/11/2010 18:06
Alec, you too are correct in what you say. But what's wrong with this country?

May I put forward an opinion for consideration?

Egypt had a very strong Coptic Orthodox Church - here I'm not debating the rights and wrongs of any Orthodox Church. In the twelfth century it allow Arab and African Muslims to enter their Church communities, but on Muslim terms. They lived in Muslim communities funded by the Orthodox Church. Sometime later, Muslims were invading the country, peaceably. They were welcomed, allowed to live in Muslim enclaves and prosper.

Within 100 years, that religion had entirely displaced Orthodox Christianity as the faith of the country, and it was a Muslim country, with a Muslim state. Then Orthodox Christians were required to live in religious enclaves, governed and rule by the state.

I believe that is the position now.

Is not the UK doing just the same? But the result will not take 100 years. It might be less than 10 years.

The Egyptian people gave way to the invading Muslim, and have paid the price ever since.

Alec, I'd be very interested to hear your opinions, and anyone else.
Martin Lisemore 06/11/2010 18:08
As an after thought: Spain was invaded by Muslim Moors; the battles fought there by armies in the name of Rome to rid the country of those Moors were terrible.

The film El Cid, from years ago, gives just a clue.

Even now, Muslims from North Africa are flooding into Spain. The problem continues.

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