Gary Kah speaks on the Coming World System

Author and speaker Gary Kah is to speak at a special one-day pastors, leaders and spouses' conference in Inverness about his well-documented evidence about governments plans to implement a 'New World Order'.

Gary Kah017 Teaching Day Programme

9.45am - 10.30am
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11.00am - 12.00pm
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1.00pm - 2.00pm
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2.00pm - 2.15pm
Closing Prayer

If you are able to come, we would encourage you to take the time out to do so.

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The subject for the day is “The Coming World System – What it means for Christians”. Gary has been in great demand with the media and with Christian groups in the USA, especially over this last year as the global, political and economic agenda has developed rapidly.
So we are delighted to have the opportunity to hear about what is going on in the corridors of power, in order that the Church might be prepared for the days that lie ahead.

Gary and his wife, Audrey, have been married for 27 years and live with their four children near Indianapolis, Indiana. The Kah family are actively involved at Harbour Shores Church, where they worship.
Gary Kah had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home, and remembers praying to God since the age of four. Throughout his childhood years he faithfully attended the United Brethren in Christ Church in Kettering, Ohio. At the age often, he understood for the first time exactly what Jesus Christ had done for him on the cross. At that time he accepted Christ as his personal Saviour.
Gary graduated Magna Cum Laude with three majors (Economics, Business Administration and German). His special focus was in the area of International Marketing and Economics. After graduating, Gary became the Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist for the State of Indiana.
In 1987, Gary was invited to join the World Constitution and Parliament Association, one of the organizations involved at the forefront of promoting the world government agenda.

During the next 4 years he obtained detailed documents which demonstrate that the move toward a one world government is very real and active. Some of these documents are reproduced in his books, 'En Route To Global Occupation' & 'The New World Religion'.

Gary's prayer is that this information would serve to wake up the Church, prompting Christians everywhere to rededicate their lives to the Lord and to renew their commitment, to be discerning and obedient to God's truth.

People with a Mission Ministries, 02/09/2009

George Orr 14/09/2009 20:06
This may be slightly off topic but is anyone else aware of an increasing number of 'Christian leaders only' stuff that seem to be happening.

Promoting a them and us in the body seems dumb, or is it just that the laity that are dumb?
Rosemary Cameron 14/09/2009 21:42
I agree that it does seem a bit exclusivist, especially given that it is intended to prompt 'Christians everywhere to rededicate their lives to the Lord' according to the blurb above. Thankfully it is not necessary to go to a conference like this to learn about the new world order and its likely impact on the church - it's all there in Revelation, which is available to everyone.
Eddie Hallahan 15/09/2009 10:21
Well, leaders definitely have extra responsibilities that their followers don't, so I can see why they will sometimes need different teaching and the like.

I like the model that the Scotland Trust are using for their thing in November though - a leaders lunch following by an afternoon and evening for the whole church - to me that seems a decent balance.
Martin - Skye (Guest) 15/09/2009 17:43
Think logistically.... What is the best way to reach the most Christians when time, space etc may be limiting?

Inform the leaders who have the responsibility to inform and teach their congregations.

Maximum effect for limited resources.

This is an important issue and the more Christians that are aware of the signs of the times the better the Church will be prepared.
John Parker (Guest) 15/09/2009 20:24
The term "leaders" is generally taken to mean clergy (altough not just clergy).
The problem as I see it is (at least) two-fold -
* the clergy/laity divide
* the fact that many in leadership positions are either poor leaders or bad leaders (witness what is happening in the Church of Scotland) and conversaly, many who are leaders in the de facto sense are not acknowledged as such.
Editor 16/09/2009 09:03
In fairness to the organisers of the above, I think that they use the term "Pastors and leaders" in the fullest sense i.e. to include elders, office bearers, organisation leaders, etc. But maybe (if this is indeed the case) it needs to made clearer.
Barry Brannen (Guest) 07/10/2009 10:05
Following last month’s excellent teaching day with Gary Kah, we return in earnest to the essential work of prayer. The Lord exhorts, encourages and expects His people to pray - because He delights to hear and to answer: “Call unto Me , and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” (Jeremiah 33. 3) The expectation to pray is especially true of His ministers and leaders, for He expects much from those to whom much has been given.

Archy Macmillan will be speaking to us after lunch. Archie has been in the ministry for over 30 years, and has experienced all the ups and downs, trials and testings that seem to accompany those who are in full-time ministry. Despite facing many challenges both within ministry and family crises, the Lord has blessed him with ever-increasing faith and desire to see the Lord move in revival power in His Church again. We are looking forward to hearing through him what the Lord wants to minister to us that day.

If you have colleagues in the ministry or within your leadership whom you feel would benefit from attending these meetings, please feel free to invite them - just let us know if they accept your invitation. There is no cost to those attending the luncheons, although donations are gratefully received.


Highlands & Islands “Prayer for Revival” Luncheon - 10am for 10.30am,
Thursday 15 October 2009
New Drumossie Hotel, Old Perth Road, Inverness, IV2 5BE

To reserve your place, please phone Kathleen at 01738 500563 or e-mail her at .
You can also book online at

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