Israel and the Church

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Free Teaching Day

Israel and the Church

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Team from Israel at

Ellel Scotland, Blairmore House,

Glass, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, AB54 4XH

A special teaching day where a day is set aside from the annual Prayer Conference for Israel (entitled this year, 'Arise, Shine; for Your Light has come) to enable you to some and hear first-hand from some of Israel's top intercessory leaders.

With political, spiritual and experiential insight, this is a unique opportunity to hear the Word of God taught in a profound, highly relevant and powerful way by those who daily live in the physical and spiritual war over the land of Israel.

Ed footnote: There could be car space for anyone travelling from Inverness (via Nairn/Elgin). Or you may be able to offer car space.
For either please contact: Christians Together

How to Book for 'Israel and the Church'

Although the conference is free we ask that you register using the form.

A buffet lunch is available for £5, which must also be pre-booked.

No confirmation of bookings will be sent out, if you require confirmation please call us during office hours.

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Ellel Ministries, 14/05/2009

Alan Hughes 14/06/2009 00:59
I'm interested in how it went. I just noticed this and was in Aberdeen until the 11th. Just missed this event.

Oh well.
Editor 14/06/2009 18:24
Allan, I was due to attend this meeting but family illness changed my plans. I spoke to one of the Israeli leaders (Chuck Cohen) on the phone and (prior to the results of the Iranian elections and the subsequent reaction) he said that Obama was saying to Ahmedinejad that the latter could have his nuclear programme provided he didn't manufacture weapons. As Chuck said it's a bit like putting a fox in a chicken shed and telling it not to harm the chickens.

You can find information on the subject of Israel and the Church at -
Alan Hughes 15/06/2009 10:37
Thanks for that. Israel (historical, actual and spiritual - my definitions) is something of a pet subject for me.
Editor 15/06/2009 23:24
In which case I would thoroughly recommend the forthcoming CMJ mini-conference. The chance of hearing Kelvin Crombie in the north is not likely to happen again any time soon. See -

Additionally, the Saturday 'Israel and the Church' was recorded; contact Ellel Ministries at Blairmore House.

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