Satellite Christian TV - Blessing or Danger?

With the spread and reach of Christian TV broadcasting we need to ask the question whether all that we see and hear is trustworthy and true.

First published 23/06/2009

Satellite TVTO say that television is a powerful medium is stating the obvious. In terms of its reach and impact it is difficult to measure the ability of what we watch and hear through the box in the corner to shape our beliefs and thinking.

A mixture of blessings....

Since the advent of satellite broadcasting, millions of Christians are spending hours of each day watching religious TV programmes. For many – the housebound or geographically isolated – these programmes can be a help and stimulus to their faith. And there is no doubt that some of the programmes are wholesome and helpful.
With some there is a high level of cultural cringe factor, but this doesn’t negate the otherwise-positive content.

...or dangerous mix?

However there are other programmes which are less trustworthy – some getting into prosperity teaching and even outright heresy.
This creates a situation of concern – especially for those who are young in their faith and do not yet have their full ‘Berean’ faculties of discernment in place. The most dangerous form of deception is when it is mixed in with some (often small) truth. In believing the element which is Truth we can become easy meat for the subsequent lie.
In this context it could be of service to all those who are helped by satellite Christian TV programmes to develop a list of ‘safe’ channels.

If you have an opinion on any of the Christian programme channels on satellite TV, please do leave your comments below.
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Christians Together, 23/07/2013

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