Columnist could be stirring hatred?

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Following debate in the Chuch of Scotland's General Assembly regarding the appointment (or not) of gay ministers, a columnist with the Inverness Courier – not known as being appreciative of the Christian faith – wrote an article entitled:

Bullies conducting a vile vendetta

The piece which was published on 29 May 2009 concluded: '

Those who want to continue the vile vendetta against people

who happen to be gay are simply bullies.'

Subsequent letters of response to the Inverness Courier are printed below (with the authors' permission).

The first was published under the heading 'delighting in attacking moral standards'

Calum MacInnes, the letter-writer,  wonders whether the columnist is stirring up hatred in the Highlands and could be on the wrong side of the law in this regard. He also raises the question of whether the columnist would have the same freedom to attack Muslims in similar manner as she does Christians.

The second letter was published with the line
'appalled at suggestion of vendetta against gay people'

This letter was written by Samuel Mckibben who expresses his amazement that the Courier published the columnist's sweeping and derogatory statements about Christians and more importantly the Son of God.

Letter to the Inverness Courier

by Calum MacInnes
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With reference to 'Mann's Word' by Lorraine Mann
Inverness Courier 29 May 09

Recently a banner, hanging across Academy Street, called for help to make the Highlands Hate Free.

Hate banner

I assume that poor Lorraine did not see it, or that she does not care, nor does she want to cooperate in the campaign.

I wonder what side of the law of the land her article falls. Would she be liable to being charged for stirring up hatred?

Her phobia seems to be about Christians, and human dignity. When she has finished trying to bash the Christians, she might like to turn her attacks to the Muslims and see how far she will get!

I am somewhat surprised that your paper allowed her article to be published, because it does nothing to promote peace in the community.

As so often happens with poor Lorraine, she seems to delight it attacking moral standards, decency and respect for life. Hopefully she will see the light some day, but until then she will likely keep putting pen to paper if she will find a paper willing to give her space.


Calum MacInnes

Letter to the Inverness Courier

by Samuel McKibben

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank Mr. McInnes for his letter to the editor (last weeks Courier re Lorraine Mann's article) as I totally agree with his sentiments.

I am utterly appalled by the sweeping statement of Lorraine Mann's opening sentence ("Christians cannot have it both ways") and amazed that you published it.

I move in very large Christian circles here and abroad. I have not yet met one Christian who is part of a "vile vendetta against people who happen to be gay."

Furthermore I am deeply offended by the way this woman spoke so derogatively about the God who loved humanity so much that He gave His Son to die for us. I know when I say this, I am speaking for tens of millions who would readily say that God by His act of love has changed our lives.

I would like to ask Lorraine to write from a far more informed base as her article only inspires hate in people who believe she is speaking the truth about Christians in regards to a vendetta.

I share in the mission of making the Highlands Hate Free?

Yours sincerely,

Samuel McKibben


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Letter to Inverness Courier, 06/06/2009

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