Christian Education Support Group and library

Rebecca Tidey reports on a growing level of interest and activity by parents in home-schooling their children, and on the Highland Christian Schools Trust Library.

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PupilsAcross the region there is an increasing number of parents who home-school their children. In Inverness a growing group of families are getting together for support and encouragement along with their children who enjoy craft work and games together.

These activities are arranged by the Highland Christian Schools Trust. One of the mums involved is Rebecca Tidey who says:

 "Our numbers are steadily increasing and we welcome anyone interested in homeschooling or Christian education.

Christian Education Library

Rebecca is currently custodian of a Christian Education Library and any interested parties are wamly invited to the next 'Christian Education Support Group' meetings (details below).

The library has ten boxes of books which children's groups (e. g. Sunday schools) are welcome to borrow free of charge. A new selection can be borrowed every term
and the group is appreciative of support from Christian Focus Publications.
The remainder of the library contains a range of Christian Education curricula including books to support Christian education in the home or school and, to a lesser extent, in church. In total there are between two and three thousand titles.

Support Group meetings

Rebecca reports that families attending the home-school group come from a range of local churches. The group supports both those who are already home-schooling and also any who are contemplating home-schooling or other forms of Christian eduction. The group is open to other possibilities regarding education for their children and Rebecca further comments:

'These meetings are open to those supportive of Biblical Christian education for the school years. We have a growing number of families interested in home-schooling or a Christian school and families who are home-schooling. We meet monthly at the Old High hall, Academy St, Inverness. (A few minutes walk from the bus and train stations, near Farmfoods)'.

For details of the next of the monthly meetings please see the 'Comments' thread below.

Contact details for any futher information are as follows:

Rebecca Tidey
01463 222570 or

Alex Horwood
Tel. 01463 238295



Rebecca Tidey/Christians Together, 12/11/2009

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