Keeping Faith in Schools

Keeping Faith in SchoolsCARE For Scotland has produced a DVD which is aimed at demonstrating how the Christian community in Scotland can provide, and are providing, a positive input the life of our local schools as a vital way of serving our communities.

The DVD presents examples of how some churches have developed innovative and constructive partnerships with schools in their local area and illustrates the benefits the schools derive from these relationships.

The examples chosen represent a brief snapshot of some of the good practice from around the country, but it is hoped that they will inspire and encourage other churches with a desire to develop their schools work.

Church leaders may, and do act as chaplains; youth workers are involved in extra-curricular activities, parents and other church members volunteer to help in a host of practical ways.

The CARE For Scotland website backs up the DVD with resources plus further personal stories of what other churches are doing through schools ministry.

The DVD contains:
  • A 'trailer' to the main film (2 mins 45 secs)
  • The main film (20mins)
  • Documentation to enable churches to audit their involvement with schools

To obtain your free copy of the DVD contact CARE for Scotland; and CfS ask that you let them know which church you belong to when asking for your copy.:

CARE for Scotland
Challenge House
29 Canal Street
Glasgow G4 0AD

Tel. 0141 332 7212 or


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Christians Together, 11/03/2009

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