Babel collapsing on people

Sandy Shaw wrote to the Scotsman and the Press and Journal. Both newspapers published the letter.


Come let’s build a tower, the biggest tower that has ever been built. We will get bricks from other places so that our tower will be taller than anyone else’s, and we will make a name for ourselves.

What will we call it? Babel? No, that has been done before.

I know. We will take away three strong words and call it RBS.

We will put these letters everywhere. On rugby pitches and race tracks and everyone will recognise our tower.

But what if it becomes too tall and it topples upon people? People? What are people? Our concern is the tower.

Sandy Shaw,

(Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship}

Ed footnote:
The mass media are today's pulpits. The above is an excellent example of a Christian leader writing on a contemporary issue which is of universal interest in language that the unchurched person will understand but with clear biblical references.

Christians Together, 02/03/2009

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