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Bible Illuminated - of God or the Devil?

Bible IlluminatedA graphically provocative copy of the New Testament under the title 'Bible Illuminated' combines the American Bible Society's Good News translation with illustrations which are (variously, and to say the least) beautiful, violent, oblique and sensual: the publication leaves Christians with little room for ambivalent or casual opinions. One verse has a picture of an item of women's underwear draped over high-heeled shoes.

Whether a 'King Cyrus-type' character or an agent of the devil, a Swedish businessman has published  a 300-page glossy-format version of the world's biggest-selling book.

Dag Söderberg is not a Christian but says of God's word:
"We are all affected by it. Morals are based on it, rightly or wrongly, government, laws. I'm saying to people: this is your history, read it." He observes: "You are touched; even if you are not a believer, it touches you."

Lego BibleMeanwhile, clergyman Brendan Powell Smith's on-line 'Brick Testament' carries a warning that the stories contain "material some may consider morally objectionable and/or inappropriate for children" and stories containing "nudity, sexual content, violence and cursing".

Other versions now include: The Jesus Loves Porn Stars Bible, The Manga Bible and The Bible in Cockney.

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Dag Söderberg Discusses Bible Illuminated: The Book
recounting of how a 26-year-old woman spontaneously wept whilst reading it

Christians Together, 27/11/2008

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