The need to register/log on and passwords

See also 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

This page is offered as guidance on the process of registering, logging on and (if and when necessary) changing  your password.

Q1. Why do I need to register? 
A1. Registered site members will receive regular news updates (roughly one every 7 - 10 days)(1)
Additionally, some material is not available to non-registered site visitors (i.e. the general public) (2)
The 'register' link is on the homepage just above the main menu bar (see below)

Q2. Why do I need to log on when I visit?
A2. If you do not log on you will not be able to access some of the material on the site.

-------------- screen-capture below ----------------
Menu bar
-------------------- end of screen-capture-----------------------

If you click on the above picture you will be taken to the 'Log on' screen

Q3. How do I know if I am logged on?
A3. The 'Login' link (see above picture)will change to read 'Logoff'; and the date (to the left) will change to give a greeting with your Christian Name.

Q4. Do I have to log on every time?
A4. You can instruct your computer to log you in automatically whenever you visit the site.  See below, with 'tick' in the Log me in automatically next time' box checked, but see also (3)

-------------- screen-capture below ----------------
Log-in  automatic
-------------------- end of screen-capture-----------------------

Q5. Do I have to keep the password that I was originally set?
A5. No. Indeed it is recommended that you change your password (to something more memorable to you). You can do this by going the the My Area > My Details>My Profile section of the site which gives you a range of options regarding your profile and account on the site.
However, if all that you wish to do is to change your password there is now a simpler way to do this.
Logon on (with your existing password) and go to the menu link - My Area>My Details>Change Password.
All that you need to do is to enter your existing password and then your new password (twice).

Q6. What happens if I forget my password?
A6. You can click on the relevant 'Forgotten your password' link (see below).

-------------- screen-capture below ----------------

Log in blank

You will then be presented with a screen (see below) -

Forgotten Password
-------------------- end of screen-capture-----------------------

After filling in your details, and pushing the "Reset my password' button, a message will come to the webmaster who will reset your password. A new password will be sent to you. And you can change it (to something more memorable) as mentioned above. See also (5)


(1) This frequency is approximate; and you can (via the My Area/My Profile menu) change your preferences (mail / no mail) at any time.

(2) There is a need to keep some material and/or discusions which might be sensitive away from the public area of the site.

(3) The 'log me in automatically facility might be disabled depending on your 'cookies' security setting in your browser.

(4) The My Area link is on the right hand side of the main menu bar. And the My Profile section holds your personal informaton. You can select how much of this is made available -
(a) to other site members and/or
(b) members of the public.

You need to confirm any changes by inserting your existing password before submitting your changes.

(5) If you forget your password, please don't re-register, but rather use the "Forgotten your password" feature. Your password is known only to you; and the webmaster cannot change it for you.

Please use the "Add My Comment" facility below to ask any questions, make any suggestions, etc.
By doing so you can help others who might be looking for information on the same thing as you.

Thank you!

Christians Together, 18/08/2008

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