Awaking the Prophetic

Barn Church

The Barn Church (Culloden, Inverness) are hosting a conference to explore the prophetic ministry.

The conference literature states:

This conference will be about teaching, modelling, imparting and activating those who attend in the New Testament Spiritual gift of prophesying. This conference will equip those who attend and provide practical exercises for application and function in the prophetic gift. The purpose therefore of this conference is to disciple in the prophetic gift function.

The conference is led by three international speakers and runs over four sessions: one each on the evenings of Thur/Fri. 21/22 August (2008) and two sessions on Saturday 23 August.

The topics cover:
Prophecy in the NT; Prophetic Ministry; Prophecy in the Local Church; Prophetic Dreams and Visions

Cost: £10 per session or £30 for all four sessions is booked before 10 Aug. Cost includes light lunch on Saturday and refreshments throughout.

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Jim Robertson is the minister at the Barn Church and says:

I'd like to invite you to join us for all or part(s) of the conference I am organizing for anyone who is interested in looking into the value of prophetic ministry for a local Scottish church.
I've found in the last few years that my own value for what's called the prophetic has risen. This is because it seems to me that the ministry of Christ certainly included profound prophetic dimensions. Also, Paul clearly expected prophetic ministry in the local New Testament congregations he had responsibility for. I've also come across highly credible church leaders who are very committed to the local church and have developed good practice for the exercise of helpful prophetic ministry in their congregations.

Bad practice and excesses are easy to come by and are understandably off putting. However, the best answer is the establishment of good practice. This takes pastoral courage on the part of local church leaders. The easy option is to steer clear. Most of us reckon there are enough troubles in the world without asking for more! At the same time it takes humility and patience on the part those who may feel called to prophetic ministry - especially if local church leadership is reserved or suspicious or negative about prophetic dimensions of ministry.
The person I have found most helpful is Rev Dennis Bourns, Senior Pastor, of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference will feature an examination of the Bible's teaching, New Testament practice and practical guidelines for developing prophetic ministry in a local church in Scotland.

As you may know the Barn Church operates like many parish churches in Scotland; with a broad theological base and with no history of expertise in the area of prophetic practice or ministry. With our Kirk Session's informed consent and encouragement we are trying to be more of the kind of church we all read about in the New Testament. We are keen to honour God, to bring glory to Jesus and to save the lost God has put us here to serve. I hope you may be able to come to all or some of the conference.

Tel.  01463 798946


Barn Church, 16/07/2008

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