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CCFON has produced four very short head-to-head videos on the four issues in the HFE Bill for which there will be a free vote. They feature the views of Evan Harris MP, who supports the bill, and Dr Peter Saunders, Christian Medical Fellowship General Secretary, who opposes it.

The videos were filmed outside Parliament during the rallies at second reading on Monday 12 May. We have already written to every MP recommending them. Please use them to inform others and please also write to your MP to encourage him/her to watch them before the crucial votes on 19 and 20 May. YOu can write to your MP via

Yours sincerely

Andrea Minichiello Williams
Public Policy Director
0207 407 6157
Lawyers' Christian Fellowship/Christian Concern for our Nation

Christian Concern for our Nation, 14/07/2008

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