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Hope 08  Hope 2008 is an 'umbrella project originated and planned in England during 2007; and which is now delivering Christian initiatives and activities in this present year.

HOPE Scotland logoMost recently this vision to provide a loose framework for Christian projects has 'taken root' in Scotland. The '2008' has been dropped from the title in the context of having a vision beyond the present year - stretching until (at this stage)  2010.

The intention is to offer the framework for all manner of projects which give expression to the Gospel and God's love for our communties in the villages, towns and cities across Scotland. And the Christians Together web site is partnering with the Hope Scotland initiative to share news, information and links.

Becky Frank is the HOPE Scotland Coordinator and she sets out the way ahead:

  • HOPE 2008 - Laying the foundation establishing a network which encourages and enables churches to work together while working in partnership with schools, police and local government.
  • HOPE 2009 - Building on the foundation enlarging our boundaries by building up the network of those registered for Hope; resourcing the network with Scottish produced materials to facilitate the initiative
  • HOPE 2010 and beyond…Hope sustained a seasonal emphasis from March to June focussing on themes of Easter, new beginnings, new birth, etc.

Have a look at the video below to capture a sense of what it is all about. And if you are engaged in any projects that could find a 'fit' within the Hope Scotland vision, please be in touch both Christians Together and Hope Scotland so that we can together get your good news out into our needy communities to the glory of God.

In the Highlands and Islands, the forthcoming Operation Mobilisation trip to Inverness by a group of young people is now being undertaken under the Hope Scotland banner; and more are due to be added shortly. It may be that you would wish your current or future work to carry the logo; if so, please be in touch.

This video will give you a better sense of what is happening and the heart behind the project.


Remember that the Hope Scotland initiative extends beyond this present (2008) year

The Editor, 20/02/2008

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