Prospects (Highland)

Prospects logoProspects is a Christian voluntary organisation which values and supports people with learning disabilities so that they live their lives to the full.

Prospects (Highland) is affiliated to the national Prospects grouping which believes in bringing full access to life for people with learning disabilities.

Prospects believes in bringing full access to life for people with learning disabilities through:

  • Liberating 'voices'
  • Realising potentials
  • Enabling choices
  • Accessing biblical truth

The Inverness group currently meets each month inas :-

every 2nd Friday of the month at 7:00pm

NOTE - CHANGE  OF  VENUE  for meeting on Friday, 8 February. Now at the BARN  CHURCH


Prospects 2008 1


Prospects 2008 2

Anyone requiring transport should contact:
Stef Robertson Tel. 01463 798946

Other enquiries and further information:
Elsie Normington
Tel. 01463 731587
Mob. 077 3495 8800


Ed footnote: There is a vision to see Prospects Groups established in other parts of the Highlands and Islands.  

And you can listen to an interview with Elsie Normington.

Stef Robertson, 15/01/2008

Janice Angwin (Guest) 15/01/2008 21:19
I was very impresssed - and moved - by the sincerity and enthusiasm of the local Prospects group when they met to do their Makaton in Worship seminar. God's Spirit was almost tangible at this event.
Stef Robertson (Guest) 01/02/2008 18:27
Prospects - change of venue!
The next meeting at 7pm on Friday 8 February will take place at the Barn Church, Culloden, not at Inshes Church as previously advertised. We apologise for any inconvenience. For further details contact Stef Robertson on 01463 798946 or at

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