Hamilton College - and independent school

Hamilton College

Hamilton College is a fee-paying independent Christian school situated on the outskirts of the town of Hamilton on the south-east of Glasgow.
The college was originally used for teacher training but was acquired for its present use in 1983.
The college has around 700 pupils from a wide variety of  faiths and none.
Whilst the school is run under a Christian ethos and management, many of the staff are not part of the Christian faith community.

John GambleMr. John Gamble is the headteacher of the school and in his "welcome" says:

"At Hamilton College we aim to do everything we can to encourage and develop the potential of all of our young people. We believe we provide an excellent education which develops confident, responsible, successful individuals who will contribute effectively to society and enrich their own lives."

You can  listen here to an interview with Mr. John Gamble, the headteacher.

The interview lasts for 18 minutes, and in it Mr. Gamble discusses and comments on some of the main issues surrounding the operation of the school and its relationship with the wider world.

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